Tiny counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Tiny is classified as a melee hero. His main attribute is strength, but his physical and magical procast is very low. Basically, this character is used in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th positions in Dota 2. But the hero can easily act both alone and together with a team. His abilities allow you to kill several enemy characters at once in 10-15 minutes of the game. What can you do to defeat him? Consider his weaknesses and do not forget about his strengths.

Tiny is weak at the start of the game. He has low agility, movement speed, a small amount of mana, no armor. He needs a large supply of gold to increase speed, armor. And to restore mana you need an artifact. At the same time, the hero has a high supply of health, as well as unique abilities that, in combination, allow you to cause significant damage.

Who can counter Tiny

When choosing characters against Tiny, consider their survivability so they can withstand the procast. And also select those heroes who will be able to use the power of the enemy to their advantage:

  • Lifestealer will help during fights, but is weak on the lanes. His ultimate allows you to reduce Tiny's health, and using Rage reduces magic damage.
  • Viper. His slow turns the enemy into a weak toy.
  • Underlord helps interrupt the hero's attack by reducing white (main) damage. And using stun prevents Tiny from casting spells.
  • Vengeful Spirit applies a debuff on enemies upon death, which greatly weakens them.
  • Dragon Knight. His advantage lies in a large supply of armor and the ability to reduce enemy damage. This becomes a serious obstacle for heroes whose main strength is physical damage.
  • Timbersaw. This hero has a significant supply of armor and can reduce the strength of the enemy, which allows you to effectively use the character to destroy Tiny.
  • Tidehunter makes our hero weak by reducing his damage.
  • Medusa is a great melee counter due to her resistance to damage, as well as mobility that prevents Tiny from using her abilities on her.
  • Huskar. His spears do not allow Tiny to approach creeps and start farming, which becomes critical for the character.

And remember that Tiny really likes ganking. Therefore, do not forget to take into account the placement of wards on the map, select heroes who can withstand physical damage and have good armor. And so there is no special game tactic against Tiny. Just choose counter picks and items wisely. For example, Assault Cuirass, Shiva's Guard, Solar Crest, Blade Mail for survivability or Eye of Skadi, Orchid, Diffusal Blade for control and debuff.

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