Tinker counter picks, who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Tinker is a popular hero in Dota 2, who is quite difficult to defeat. He confidently attacks his enemies and reaches high levels in the game. Playing against Tinker, you can easily win the match, the main thing is to know who, how, where and with what you can counter him. Let’s figure it out.

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Who is Tinker

Tinker is a strong and confident character who prefers to attack mainly from long distances. His whole game is literally built on intelligence. Tinker has a lot of unique abilities:

  • Laser. Enables the hero to shoot his opponent with a laser weapon, as a result of which he inflicts colossal damage almost instantly, and it is impossible to impose debuffs from protection on laser weapons.
  • Heat Seeking Missile. It implies the use of missiles that can hit 2 nearby targets at the same time, while the enemies have practically no chance to resist and withstand the attack. Their health after being hit by a rocket immediately decreases by almost a half.
  • March of the Machines. This ability allows Tinker to summon an army of his faithful assistants at the right time – tiny robots that will easily smash all units on the battlefield without exception, including crafty and dodgy creeps. The chances of winning in this case for those who fight against Tinker are practically equal to zero.
  • Rearm. Tinker has a special privilege. Without exception, all the skills that the authors of the game endowed him with can be easily recharged at the right time and subsequently used in full.

Tinker is built to win. In any attack, he confronts his enemies confidently and with dignity.

How to play against a strong and skillful Tinker

As already mentioned, many enemy heroes consider our character to be a strong and rather unpleasant opponent. Since Tinker has to mainly dwell in the mid lane, it is almost impossible to defeat him there. To do this, the opposite side will need unique abilities and considerable experience. Our hero likes to farm first, and then confidently fights back his enemy. How to resist Tinker? The character mainly uses missiles and laser weapons to effectively fight enemies, which inflict massive damage. To increase your chances of a miss hit to 100%, catch the moment when he uses a laser.

A few strengths of Tinker which must be known by his enemies:

  • calm farm;
  • imbalanced abilities;
  • he is strong at the start;
  • has the ability to control an entire enemy team.

There are also things that make our hero vulnerable. For example, he has a phobia for many artifacts in the mid lane. He does not use about 70% of his abilities. This situation happens all the time, especially when the hero is controlled by a beginner. If you purchase the Black King Bar in the game, you can safely oppose the formidable and omnipotent Tinker. If you are in the laning stage, feel free to counter the character with ganks.

Who is able to adequately compete against Tinker

Our hero mainly lives in the middle lane. Here he gains colossal strength and feels quite comfortable, but almost all attacks on him occur in the mid lane, so it is desirable to constantly control the character here. While being in the mid, it is extremely important not to kill the hero, but to deprive him of the opportunity to farm.

Tinker’s main counter picks:

  • Pudge. Has a large supply of health and one of the most powerful ultimates. In the confrontation with Pudge, our character is practically powerless.
  • Lina. This hero was endowed with unique and very strong abilities, her powerful cast causes enormous damage to Tinker.
  • Zeus. Despite the fact that Zeus’s health is not as good as that of previous heroes, he completely deprives our character of the ability to farm.
  • Pugna. The strengths of this hero in the fight against Tinker are fast mana regeneration and high damage.
  • Nyx Assassin. This character can disarm our hero. He completely burns mana. He can also kill with his ult.
  • Skywrath Mage. The court magician was endowed with unique abilities aimed at damage. Plus, he has silence, Tinker is very afraid of all this.

When the hero is on the lane, it is much easier for the gamer who controls him to act, but this does not mean that you can relax. Maximum concentration and attention never hurt. If Tinker left the mid lane, then, most likely, he went into the forest and then performed ganks. Along the way, the hero can be caught by enemies who have good stamina, hexes and stuns. Tanks are even more of a threat to Tinker. They are capable of inflicting significant damage to the character. Tanks have a decent supply of hit points and resistances, which help to confidently resist our hero. And if you collect Blade Mail, you will kill him with ease.

Characters in the battle with which Tinker can easily lose on the lane:

  • Anti-mage. Our character is afraid of the Anti-mage, because he has ults and artifacts in reserve, he burns out mana.
  • Lifestealer. The key ability of this hero is immunity to magic. He also slows down his opponent and is constantly healing.
  • Clockwerk. Clockwerk has an incredibly strong imbalanced hook, which deals a lot of damage at once, after which it will definitely not be possible to recover quickly.
  • Spectre. The authors of the game gave Spectra an imbalanced ultimate. Using Blade Mail, she can easily turn our hero into a regular creep.
  • Viper. Thanks to magic resistances, Viper almost always wins in a battle with Tinker. He can even knock down Blink Dagger.

A combination of BKB and MKB will help improve the result and increase the chances of winning the match. The first item deals magical damage to the hero, the second successfully eliminates misses that are directly related to the abilities of our character.

No less effective in the fight against Tinker are these items:

  • Orchid Malevolence – the so-called five-second ban on all abilities;
  • Scythe of Vyse instantly turns a character into a regular creep for 3.5 seconds;
  • Blade Mail quick destruction of the hero due to the fact that he is getting up to 80% of damage.

All these items are enough to destroy a unit in just a few minutes. But there is no point in knocking down his passive abilities, since the hero simply does not have them.

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