Terrorblade counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Terrorblade is one of the most dangerous agility heroes. In the course of the game, he constantly increases his potential and becomes as strong as possible closer to the end of the game. In Dota 2, the increase in agility of this unit is the largest, which can only be envied. The hero regularly increases and strengthens the armor. Already up to the 25th level, it is almost impossible to break through without special ultimate abilities.

Terrorblade is quite cunning and active. He skillfully uses his intelligence, confidently catches up with enemies and also quickly runs away from them. The damage received in the battle is quickly restored by our hero, since he has enough mana.

Against his opponents, Terrorblade mostly uses magic. He uses it wherever possible, and the hero's spells are always strong and do not spare the enemy. Some characters can't recover from a Terrorblade encounter, so they're completely out of the game.

TB is a hero who confidently accepts long-range combat. He can attack the opponent from a long distance without putting himself in danger. Getting to Terrorblade undetected is very difficult. Thanks to a special ult, he can control opponents at any point on the map.

Another feature of the hero is the Reflection ability. TB knows how to slow down opponents. Even those magicians who create the strongest illusions, such as Medusa and Luna, cannot resist him. Using his Sunder ult, Terrorblade does a great job of swapping HP with various characters. In this way, he quickly restores his health.

In other words, it is very difficult to destroy this character. At first glance, he seems invincible, but every hero in Dota 2 has both strengths and weaknesses. If you know how to play against the sorcerer, what items to use in the battle with him, which of the heroes to put on the lane, then it will be possible to achieve a triumphant victory, and it will be quite an easy one.

What you need to know about Terrorblade and how to play against him

As mentioned, Terrorblade is a ranged unit whose agility develops quickly throughout the game. What is his main feature? He has strong armor already at the first level. And with each level it only grows. What conclusion can be made? Terrorblade successfully counters his opponents by dealing massive physical damage to them. It is simply impossible to get through. What shall you do? How to defeat the hero?

The fact is that our hero has one big weakness – limited health. In the early stages of the game, Terrorblade is highly vulnerable and can be easily killed with effective magic. The character hates being stunned, cannot stand total control. If the sorcerer uses Sunder at the wrong time, he will take a lot of damage and lose his skill.

What game tactics should you choose to defeat Terrorblade?

As soon as the game starts, we recommend immediately putting a hero on the lane who can successfully not only attack Terrorblade, but also repel all his abilities from a long distance. It is desirable that the chosen opponent has stuns. If they are not there, Terrorblade will be able to easily demolish opponents and start farming successfully. In just a couple of slots, he will break all lanes using illusions.

If you want to destroy the enemy, then do not let him get artifacts in the first minutes of the game. If this happens, be prepared for an uphill battle in which there is a high probability that you will lose.

Most players prefer to drag out the fight with the character. This is a gross and fatal error. Time works in Terrorblade's favor. The longer he is in the game, the stronger and more painful are his blows, the more significant damage the opponent receives. In the fight against the sorcerer, speed and activity are important from the first minutes. Start attacking the enemy as soon as you break into the game. It is necessary to beat hard, accurately, mercilessly.

Terrorblade Dota 2

Who counters Terrorblade

A strong counterpeaker of the sorcerer can be one of the heroes listed below:

  • Necrophos is one of the strongest laners, countering Terrorblade in the mid very decently thanks to his passive ability and massive damage from Death Pulse. It is very difficult for the enemy to counter Necrophos at the moment when he farms the forest and pushes the lane.
  • Templar Assassin is not afraid of Terrorblade as he cannot knock down her Refraction in the mid. She successfully gets through the opponent's armor and damages his health with Psi Blades. She inflicts pure damage, so it doesn't matter how much armor the opponent has.
  • Meepo. This hero mostly uses magic in the fight against the sorcerer. He knows how to create strong illusions and control the enemy. As soon as the net and the second clone appear, Terrorblade gets set up, and it is at this moment that Meepo literally blows him up with puffs.
  • Viper. This character is considered the most despicable in Dota 2. He counters the enemy with confidence, causing him mainly physical damage. In the mid lane, Viper actively combs the forest until and then engages in ranged combat. Even Terrorblade doesn't manage to get feeded by Viper. He will suffer from damage caused by Viper's skills. Plus, the character can slow down the enemy, which helps allies a lot. At this moment, they can safely inflict physical damage on TB.
  • Lina. This heroine bravely and confidently takes out Terrorblade after a procast. Lina doesn't need extra abilities to hurt her opponent. Her strength is enough to destroy the enemy both in the beginning and in the middle of the game.
  • Timbersaw. This hero oppresses the opponent, and the more often he does it, the more damage he deals to Terrorblade. In addition, Timbersaw can quickly buy BKB, against which the sorcerer will not be able to compete with dignity.
  • Axe skillfully uses stuns, the damage from which for Terrorblade is unmatched by anything else. But if the sorcerer acquires artifacts that rapidly restore and strengthen his health, Axe will no longer be able to inflict damage on his opponent. How and with what does he kill Terrorblade? Illusions with creeps. As soon as he starts using them, the death of the enemy is 100% guaranteed.
  • Sven can counter the enemy from a long distance, safely escapes from the illusions created by Terrorblade. He deals a lot of physical damage, which makes it possible to quickly kill the opponent.
  • Ember Spirit. Ember is not afraid of Terrorblade's illusions. He deals a lot of magic and physical damage to him. Even strong armor cannot protect the enemy.
  • Lion. This character has a hex and a stun. In addition, he knows how to drain mana. He has no equal opponents on the safe lane. A fight with Lion will definitely end in the defeat of the opponent.
  • Legion Commander. Using the first spell, the hero easily destroys the illusions of Terrorblade, due to which his potential for farming is significantly reduced. Legion Commander is considered the most powerful counter pick of the sorcerer. He can counter him while standing on any lane.

All of the aforementioned characters will be able to hold their own against Terrorblade even without additional items. Their abilities are quite enough to destroy a strong and agile enemy both in the early and later stages of the game. What is the main thing? Actively attack and take a serious approach to thinking through battle tactics.

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