Templar Assassin counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Templar Assassin is a brave and rather strong character who performs well in long-range attacks. She has a special trait – dexterity, which helps out in the most difficult situations. In addition, the developers of the game rewarded TA with such ultimate abilities as Psi Blades, Meld, and Trap.

The heroine knows how to block damage from magic spells, temporarily hide from opponents and inflict crushing blows on their health, activate nearby traps. In most cases, she is used on the mid lane, since this is where Templar Assassin feels most comfortable. But she also is not afraid of the safe lane. She skillfully inflicts huge damage in a short period of time, as a result of which her opponent dies.

TA can easily ready join the fight in the first minutes of the game. In close combat, she surpasses many other Dota 2 heroes, but when she gets additional abilities, she becomes a long-range hero.

Templar Assassin in Dota 2

How to counter Templar Assassin

Defeating the Templar Assassin in a direct head-to-head fight in the mid lane is almost impossible. The heroine is considered one of the best mid players. Why? All thanks to her ability called Refraction, which inflicts huge damage and helps her make heavy ganks.

If Templar Assassin starts farming, then the opponent has almost no chance to cope with her. Even the most powerful mid-laners, such as Zeus, Puck, Invoker, are powerless in battles against the heroine.

Who can confidently and effectively counter Templar Assassin

The list of heroes who can prevail over TA are as follows:

  • Viper. In the battle against Templar Assassin, this hero uses spitting, which knocks down TA's defense, as a result of which the heroine cannot farm, slows down a lot and cannot cope with ranged attacks.
  • Anti Mage. It is enough for this character to inflict several blows on the opponent to completely deprive Templar Assassin of mana. And without mana, she cannot use her main passive ability, so she becomes extremely vulnerable and weak.
  • Batrider can throw sticky oil at the enemy. As soon as Templar Assassin stops for a moment and ceases to be active, Batrider immediately burns her.
  • Venomancer. This character is similar to Viper in many ways. He knows how to knock down armor and inflict huge physical damage on an opponent.
  • Jakiro has his own ability which he uses to spit on the enemy. Each new spit slows down the opponent's attack, prevents TA from farming. In addition, Jakiro regularly pushes Templar Assassin's lane near the tower, thus taking away her health and life.

The above-mentioned characters will be able to handle Templar Assassin. Their chances of winning can be boosted by such items as Urn of Shadows, Radiance, Orchid Malevolence, and Scythe of Vyse. And don't forget that in a battle with Templar Assassin, not only opportunities are important, but also your ingenuity and determination.

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