Storm Spirit counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Storm Spirit is often picked for the mid lane. After all, his mobility, long-range attacks and powerful magic damage allow you to kill characters in a second.

Storm has the following abilities:

  • Overload is a passive skill that slows down the target;
  • Static Remnant is a copy of Storm Spirit which explodes as soon as an enemy approaches;
  • Ball Lightning – transformation into a clot of energy that moves around the map and deals damage to the enemy;
  • Electric Vortex – a weapon which pulls the enemy to our hero’s location.

To neutralize him, you need to remove mana, runes. With its lack, Storm becomes vulnerable. And another point is his vulnerability to ganks (up to level 6 you should not be afraid of him).

Storm Spirit counter picks

You need to understand that the game must have heroes who can stop Storm Spirit. Otherwise, he will easily punish his opponents. The most effective characters against him are:

  • Skywrath Mage is a mid player. He prevents spells from being cast, making Storm helpless. He is effective in the early stages, as he does not allow you to receive gold.
  • Huskar allows you to deal heavy damage without leaving your comfort zone yourself. He is deadly for Storm.
  • Invoker is a great threat for Storm due to mana burn, stun.
  • Ember Spirit. Deals burn damage and prevents Storm from escaping. This can kill the enemy.
  • Night Stalker is suitable for early game due to ganks.
  • Nyx Assassin. His stun blocks abilities, while mana burn will not allow you to gain strength. A combination of his abilities will kill at any stage.
  • Anti-Mage. The main thing for him is to approach Storm Spirit, and then it is easy to deal damage.
  • Doom. Deprives the opponent of the ability to use spells, which makes Storm an easy target.
  • Silencer. Silence makes Storm vulnerable. All you need to do is catch him and kill.

Dota 2 players also use Meepo (catches Storm Spirit with a net), Riki and Puck (block abilities), Void (catches and destroys), Ursa (turns off the hero regardless of artifacts), etc.

Storm Spirit is used by professionals and amateurs. After all, his abilities are simple and effective. To counter this character you need heroes who can control his skills, burn mana, have a large supply of health.

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