Spectre counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Moving around the map quickly, avoiding ganks, and farming all the time massively increase Spectre‘s abilities. And then in the middle and end of the game it brings a headache to opponents. Spectre appears out of nowhere, attacks and suddenly disappears. Therefore, a natural question arises: who counters this hero?

Spectre counter picks

Two strategies are relevant – to prevent her from farming in the early game or to pick up a carry player who will overtake Spectre in terms of farming and provide a combat advantage. Suitable for this are:

  • Undying improves his position by stealing the strength of his opponents. This prevents Spectra from improving.
  • Anti-Mage. High farming speed allows you to overtake the enemy, which means you can quickly end the game. After all, the more time given to Spectre, the stronger the heroine is.
  • Lifestealer. Our heroine is finding it hard to cause damage to this character, as during attacks he increases his health. Protection from magic helps him survive in fights.
  • Juggernaut. The pushing ability helps end the game before Spectre receives her items.
  • Alchemist can continuously regenerate health. While stunning the opponent and affecting the armor of Spectre will help to survive.
  • Lycan. High speed helps to run away from an opponent or help an ally in order to defend against Spectre, but only in the early stages.
  • Necrophos can understand where the enemy is and where the illusion is. The scythe does a lot of damage our heroine’s health.
  • Omniknight is great for ranged counters and protecting your allies in fights.
  • Storm Spirit prevents Spectre from farming by hitting her weak spots. He is good at any stage of the game. And his passive ability can slowdown our heroine and provide his team with the opportunity to choose good attacking positions.

These are some of the heroes that counter Spectre. Choose them based on your abilities in the game, as each has its own characteristics of unlocking opportunities.

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