Sniper counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Sniper is a well-known character in Dota 2. Powerful physical damage and the longest attack range allow him to stay at a distance from opponents, confidently destroying them one by one. But the Sniper also has weaknesses: he cannot move quickly and has a relatively small supply of health. By choosing the right opponent, you can easily counter Sniper. But first, let’s analyze in detail all the weaknesses and strengths of the hero.

Dota 2 Sniper Guide - Best Items & How to Counter

What is special about Sniper

Since the Sniper has low health but a long attack range, it is important for him to stay at a distance from enemies.

Passive Skills of Sniper:

  • Take Aim – increases the firing range;
  • Headshot – gets a chance to slow down enemies and deal additional damage to them.

The character has the ultimate ability called Assassinate, thanks to which he can inflict powerful damage on the selected distant target, simultaneously stunning the enemy, finishing him off in case of an escape with low HP.

Also keep in mind that Sniper is highly dependent on items: if the character is not loaded with them, it will not be very difficult to defeat him.

Who counters Sniper

The strongest hero against Sniper is Phantom Assassin. In Dota 2, he can reach his opponent in a matter of seconds and destroy him with a critical attack.

Storm Spirit is an equally effective opponent who can fight with Sniper at any time in the game. The character deals great damage, and due to the ultimate ability, he instantly approaches the enemy, defeating him in close combat.

One of the few characters in Dota 2 who is able to defeat Sniper in the mid lane is Tinker. He gains an advantage over the opponent, and later takes over additional control. It is these abilities that the enemy should have in the game against the Sniper.

Pudge has a lot of health and armor, as well as a powerful hook. If put in combat with the Sniper at the beginning of the game, Pudge is able to destroy his opponent on his own.

You can also try other characters to defeat Sniper in Dota 2. But all of them should be able to move quickly towards the enemy.

Sniper will be countered successfully, if you follow these recommendations:

  • attack the character from the first minutes of the game. Even if the ganks will not kill him, Sniper will spend time going to the base to restore health;
  • do not choose characters who attack from close range. Sniper simply will not let them near him;
  • try to crush the enemy at the beginning of the game. The more items needed for survival he starts to acquire, the less damage he will be able to deal.

Also, keep Blade Mail in your inventory. If you turn on BM during the Sniper’s quick attack, he will be hit with his own damage, and he risks killing himself. In this case he will most likely cancel his attack, and you can move away or finish him off.

Using the weaknesses of the enemy, you can easily defeat him in the Dota 2 game. To do this, study other characters and choose a worthy opponent.

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