Silencer counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Silencer is a serious and very strong opponent in the opposing team. He feels confident both on the safe lane and on the mid lane, attacks quickly, deals devastating physical damage, after which not everyone can recover. Silencer has many ultimate abilities. He is feared by heroes directly or indirectly dependent on the manapool, and those with interruptible abilities.

It is very difficult to win a battle against this character. He confidently starts the game from the first minutes and actively increases his potential until the last round.

Silencer can steal intelligence. For each kill that occurs nearby, the character rips off up to 4 mana from the opponent. He is resistant to magical and physical damage. He has good armor, which not everyone can break through. Silencer is active, mobile, agile. He can quickly run away from the enemy and deftly dodge blows.

Strengths of Silencer

Among the main qualities of this hero are the following:

  • the hero knows how to impose two silences on opponents at once;
  • he deals great magical damage, literally casts strong spells on the go;
  • pumping one level, this character significantly increases his characteristics;
  • even with the smallest number of items Silencer benefits the team, with regular stability he improves his combat potential;
  • he plays well in different positions, responds to attacks from enemies with lightning speed.

In other words, it is not easy to defeat Silencer and defend your interests in the battle with such an enemy, but it is nevertheless quite realistic. To do this, you need to know the weaknesses of the character. If you are going to attack him, know that, apart from silence, he has no other skills. The hero cannot boast of his mobility. He will definitely not be able to catch up with the fleeing opponent. If Silencer's opponent has immunity to magic, then the hero will not be able to inflict even minor harm on him.

Silencer Dota 2

Who to put against Silencer in battle

The following heroes will act as worthy counter picks of this formidable character:

  • Phantom Assassin is not afraid of this character at all. She doesn't care if he's on the opposing team or not. Silencer's abilities do not affect the heroine. But she can cause serious damage to his health. Phantom Lancer is very frisky and active, so she easily escapes from the physical blows of enemies. In addition, she knows how to protect allies and usually has Black King Bar, and our character is very afraid of this item.
  • Sniper can attack from a long distance, it is very difficult to reach him. So he basically hits our hero, while he himself remains invulnerable. If the Sniper successfully uses all of his abilities and items, the Silencer will be easily finished.
  • Anti-Mage. This hero is considered the invincible thunderstorm of all magicians. The Silencer will definitely not survive the fight with Anti-Mage, as he simply does not have enough mana to recover from the magic damage. Anti-Mage has an unusually high intelligence, plus he almost always successfully uses his ultimate abilities against Silencer.
  • Shadow Demon counters the hero with his ult, which allows you to save allies from all enemy abilities, as a result of which they receive minimal damage in battle and quickly recover.
  • Wraith King, despite being rather limited in terms of options and buttons, in the late game, he gives an impressive rebuff to the Silencer. In addition, he is absolutely not affected by the constant silence of the opponent. So in the fight against WK, the character in question has a very difficult time.
  • Broodmother. This heroine is not very dependent on her ultimate abilities. If she has a lot of small spiders, then the enemy will not be able to fight and will die right on the battlefield. Even the Global Silence ult will not be able to change the situation.
  • Phantom Lancer can easily and confidently dodge using Doppelganger, Silencer's second and first abilities. He is invulnerable to the effects of magic, because he can quickly discard this hero's ult from himself. Even standing in battle face to face with an opponent, Lancer will defeat him, because he will suck out all the mana from him, without which restoring health is simply impossible.
  • Tinker. This character tries not to fall under the abilities of his opponents. It is easier for him to find a secluded place and attack from there without risking himself. Even if Silencer uses Global Silence, Tinker will quickly flee to the fountain and wait out the danger there, and when the time comes, he will strike back with a crushing blow.

All of the listed counters will defeat the Silencer without much difficulty if you give them items such as Lotus Orb, Eul's Scepter of Divinity, Manta Style. We also recommend actively using Black King Bar in the game against this character. This artifact will protect against magic and spells, but remember: if our hero hits Global Silence, you still won’t get away from the debuff even after activating Black King Bar.

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