Riki counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Riki is a bright and strong character who is able to repel anyone who gets in his way. His unique talent is to become invisible at the right moment. This hero in Dota 2 feels confident on any lane. He is active and agile, so he almost always defeats his opponents in close combat. Riki can boast of his health and intelligence.

His weakness is a complete lack of ability to control opponents. The character quickly attacks, inflicts strong blows, from which the damage simply goes off the scale. Even if you catch him by surprise and attack unexpectedly, Riki will cope with the situation – he will become invisible for a few seconds and skillfully move away from the opponent to quickly restore his health.

Defeating Riki and completely throwing him out of the game is, of course, difficult, but quite possible. What is needed for this? Know who, where and what is countering the character.

How to play against Riki

Fighting on the same lane as Riki is very difficult. Why? He constantly becomes invisible, so it is almost impossible to catch him and deliver devastating blows. How to be in this situation? The Sentry Ward item will come to the rescue. It neutralizes the opponent's ult: you will be able to see him and control his every move.

In the late and mid game, try to stay close to your allies, especially when you are a support. Don't be afraid to spend gold on Gem of True Sight. These items will help significantly weaken the enemy and provide reliable protection against him.

Riki Dota 2

Which heroes skillfully counter Riki

If you want to defeat this character, choose the following heroes against him:

  • Bounty Hunter is one of those who counter Riki in Dota 2 by using the Track ultimate. The hunter instantly reveals the invisibility of the enemy and constantly controls him at any point on the map.
  • Slardar. The developers gave him a special ult, the effect of which can be compared to the effect of Bounty Hunter's ult. The hero reduces the enemy's defense several times, skilfully knocks down his armor. Once Riki's defenses are down, he can be safely dealt damage.
  • Zeus. This character has highly developed magical abilities. He instantly reveals the invisibility of the enemy and, using lightning, causes great damage, after which it is very difficult to recover. The more artifacts Zeus has, the more effective he is against Riki.
  • Bristleback. The developers gave him a good passive ability. Using it, the character quickly recovers from the blows that Riki inflicts from the back. Our hero is trying to walk past Bristleback, as he only loses strength in the battle.
  • Legion Commander. This heroine can make Riki fight face to face. And if she also has Blade Mail turned on, then she will definitely destroy the enemy.

If you choose one of the aforementioned heroes, your chances of winning against Riki will increase many times. And we advise you to stock up on additional items before the fight with the enemy. You will definitely need:

  • Sentry Ward allows you to highlight invisible objects in the area, attack the enemy at any opportune moment.
  • Dust of Appearance when activated makes all hidden heroes in a 1050 radius visible and slows them by -20%. The effect lasts for 12 seconds. It is relevant in mass battles when Riki attacks.
  • The Gem of True Sight resets Riki's ability to be invisible, giving its owner a significant advantage in combat with the enemy.
  • Force Staff makes it easy to get out of Riki's smoke.
  • Black King Bar minimizes the damage Riki manages to deal to his opponent by using smoke.
  • Heaven's Halberd makes the enemy defenseless, preventing him from hitting from his hand.

Despite the fact that the developers of the game gave a lot of opportunities to Riki, he is quite vulnerable. The main thing is to know how and by whom to influence him in order to get a crushing victory.

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