Phantom Lancer counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Phantom Lancer is a melee hero which is frequently used in the carry or mid lane positions. He is considered one of the strongest players in the late stages of the game due to his critical strikes, dozens of illusions. He is usually put in the core positions, therefore it forces you to take measures to contain him.

The complexity of the counter is that illusions are created randomly in different parts of the map. They hit very hard, almost on a par with the main character. And fast farming makes him invulnerable. If used effectively, Lancer does whatever he wants – kills heroes, destroys buildings, opens traps, counters spells. But you can stop him (more precisely, prevent him from achieving his potential) by thouroughly picking items and correctly buildind counter picks.

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What to consider when playing against Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer’s advantages are his mobility, escapes, good starting level, strong armor. It is almost impossible to run away from him, and in a one-on-one battle it is very difficult to win. But the one who counters Phantom Lancer must know his weaknesses:

  • long farm – without items he is weak;
  • afraid of AOE (Area of Effect) sequential cast of abilities;
  • dislikes splash attacks.

PL is a slow player at the beginning of the game. Therefore, the team does not particularly count on him. But over time, if you do not counter him, the hero becomes very dangerous.

Given this information, the game against him must be started immediately – while he is weak and has not yet collected the necessary items. You must obtain aggressive lane strategy, make him unable to farm. This will allow to constantly kill him. If Phantom Lancer runs away into the forest, then you have to control and interfere with him there. Otherwise, he will return very strong and almost invincible.

How to counter Phantom Lancer

The ideal choice is heroes with high AOE. Characters who attack one target at a time and do not use Battle Fury will have a hard time. Especially if they depend on mana, which disappears if the opponent uses Diffusal Blade.

Phantom Lancer can be exposed by:

  • Timbersaw. Destroys illusions, making it easier to find the real phantom. And the first skill reduces the attributes of the enemy.
  • Earthshaker. He has the speciality – the more targets, the higher the damage. He is picked mostly on the support position and can turn around the outcome of the fight at the right time.
  • Zeus. Inflicts lightning strikes on multiple targets. By inflicting damage, he can find the real Phantom Lancer among his illusions.
  • Legion Commander. Can instantly identify the original phantom.
  • Spectre. Due to his abilities, he can be in battle with the enemy for a very long time. At the same time, he deals damage to the original PL and his illusions.
  • Sven. Using stun by area helps him find real Phantom Lancer. The damage he inflicts ensures the destruction of illusions and the phantom itself.
  • Terrorblade. He becomes much stronger towards the end of the game, but due to fast farming, he gains critical shape earlier. Terrorblade almost always wins when facing real Phantom Lancer.
  • Magnus. The ultimate ability allows you to destroy the illusions of the Phantom and find the original one. And the ability to share cleave damage with any close ally helps to defeat the enemy.
  • Dragon Knight. Able to identify the original Phantom Lancer and stun him for a long time. Suitable more as a support in the control PL.
  • Leshrac. Works as magic area damage. And since Lancer rarely collects Black King Bar (spoils the gameplay), Leshrac easily destroys the illusions and the PL itself.
  • Medusa. In the late game, this hero can destroy all illusions with one hit.

The main thing in the game against Phantom Lancer is to prevent him from achieving his potential and to kill his illusions. And then he becomes not so dangerous.

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