Phantom Assassin counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Phantom Assassin is a light lane character that deals only physical damage. Due to the lack of skills for a support, Phantom is played as a carry or mid.

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Who can counter Phantom Assassin

Phantom is superior to physical damage characters due to its ability to dodge hits. But magical or pure damage can easily kill the hero.

Due to the impressive amount of damage, Phantom is well countered by such characters as Axe and Timbersaw.

Prior to acquiring the Black King Bar, PA is also outclassed by the following heroes:

  • Pugna;
  • Storm Spirit;
  • Morphling;
  • Tinker;
  • Pangolier;
  • Tiny.

Of course, even though these characters have excellent chances to counter Phantom Assassin, this is only half of the mission. An important role is played by the experience and reaction of the player himself.

Which heroes are countered by Phantom Assassin

The most vulnerable to the skill that PA has are Outworld Destroyer, Drow Ranger, Zeus and Sniper. But there are also characters for whom the weak point is just fast strong physical damage. These are:

  • Invoker;
  • Anti Mage;
  • Ursa;
  • Clinkz;
  • Enchantress.

Phantom Assassin remains one of the most popular heroes among players and is loved by many for its critical damage.

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