Outworld Destroyer counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

OD or Outworld Destroyer is a strong and fairly hardy character who feels as comfortable as possible when playing in the mid. He is able to cope with any enemy, the main thing is to act correctly. OD’s strength lies in his magical abilities. He inflicts colossal pure damage to his opponent, leaving almost no chance of winning.

The developers of Dota 2 endowed the character with many unique abilities. Thanks to Arcane Orb he can easily enhance his attacks, and the more stacks he has in stock, the more he hits the enemy.

If OD uses an ult in an attack, then the opponent has practically no chance of winning, since he goes straight to the astral prison, where he cannot do anything, plus huge damage is inflicted on his health at that time.

In addition, in the mid lane Outworld Destroyer can use a universal spell that saves not only him, but also his allies.

In other words, Outworld Destroyer is a wayward, active and strong character, ready to move mountains, just give him the command. It is very difficult to kill OD in the mid, but if you wish, you can. The main thing is to choose the right counter pick for the attack.

Outworld Destroyer Dota 2

Outworld Destroyer in Dota 2

Who counters Outworld Destroyer

The following heroes are considered successful counter-picks of a character:

  • Batrider prevents sharp and brazen attacks from the opponent. First, he catches him in a lasso, and then inflicts huge damage, in some cases even incompatible with life.
  • Silencer, Skywrath Mage, Night Stalker and Death Prophet. The main strength of these heroes is silence. One has only to apply it, and OD immediately loses all his skills, and without them the character becomes absolutely useless.
  • Oracle. This counter skillfully hangs Fate’s Edict on his enemy, as a result of which OD cannot attack, and even if he uses his other abilities in the battle, he has practically no chance of winning.
  • Troll Warlord is another pretty strong counter pick of Outworld Destroyer. If no one interferes with him, he easily turns off the enemy. Plus, Troll Warlord can place a debuff on the opponent, which highly increases the chance of hitting him.
  • Bane. This character briefly disables OD, causing him to completely drop out of the fight and be unable to use any of his abilities. A skill like Smoke Screen slows down Outworld Destroyer. It can also be used to silence an enemy. As a result of this, OD completely loses his game, and he can be boldly and actively attacked.
  • Disruptor. Such a character can skillfully catch his enemy in a cage, thereby completely immobilizing him. He also has skills that deal significant damage to health.
  • Drow Ranger. One of the key abilities of this hero is silence. He also very effectively shoots at OD, thus closing any access to allies.
  • Doom. Outworld Destroyer loses in the fight against this character, because the game developers endowed him with a strong ultimate ability.
  • Anti-Mage. This hero does not allow the enemy to strike. Anti-Mage is especially dangerous when he collects the necessary items.
  • Nyx Assassin. This character has a huge increase in intelligence. Plus, OD is easily getting in the way of his Spiked Carapace.
  • Tinker. This hero can counter his enemy at all stages of the game. He has a laser that makes OD miss.
  • Sniper. This character attacks from a long distance, so OD cannot deal significant damage to him in battle.
  • Necrophos. A significant advantage of this character is the ability to slow down the Outworld Destroyer. In addition, he does not allow himself to be hit in critical situations.

To increase their chances of winning, heroes can use additional items in addition to their key abilities. If you act quickly, competently and confidently, victory over the enemy will be guaranteed.

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