Ogre Magi counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Ogre Magi is a hero in Dota 2 known for his versatility, control ability, and unique mechanics that give him the chance to reuse his abilities.

Ogre Magi can play both in the support and carry roles. As a support, he uses his crowd control abilities to help his allies in fights, as well as buff them with Bloodlust. As a carry, he uses his high base damage, multi-cast ability, and Fireblast ability to deal high damage to enemies. The main features of Ogre Magi are as follows:

  • his high base armor and health, which makes him one of the most durable heroes in the game;
  • this hero has one of the highest base strength stats in the game, giving him high base damage;
  • Fireblast has a wide range and can deal high damage to multiple targets;
  • Bloodlust gives allies a bonus to attack and movement speed, which can be very useful in fights;
  • his Multicast ability can give him up to three additional uses of his abilities, which can lead to huge results.

How to counter Ogre Magi in the early game

Countering Ogre Magi in the early stages of the game requires taking into account his high endurance and control abilities. You have to avoid long fights with him, because his huge amount of health and armor make him a difficult target to kill. Instead, focus on his allies who may be less durable. Run away from his Fireblast. This ability deals a lot of damage and can stun you. Be careful with his Bloodlust. This ability increases the attack and movement speed of Ogre Magi's allies.

Don't try to fight him alone. Ogre Magi can deal a lot of damage even without allies. If you have heroes with fast healing or purification abilities, they can be useful for removing the effects of his abilities. It's also worth remembering that Ogre Magi will often try to set up or destroy wards, so active warding and dewarding can help control his movements. Lastly, avoid grouping with allies to minimize the effectiveness of his multi-spells if he gets them in the early levels.

How to counter Ogre Magi on different positions

Ogre Magi is a strong hero with good control and buffing of allies. Here's how to play against him in different positions:

Carry (1st position)

  • Avoid long fights with Ogre Magi in the early stages. His high amounts of armor and health make him a difficult target.
  • Buy items that will help you escape his control, such as Manta Style or Black King Bar.
  • Focus on the more vulnerable heroes on the enemy team, leaving Ogre Magi for later.

Mid laner (2nd position)

  • Be careful when trying to kill him in the mid lane. He can easily survive due to his stamina.
  • Use heroes that can deal damage from a distance or have good burst damage for quick kills.
  • Remember his ability to buff allies with Bloodlust.

Offlaner (3rd position)

  • Buy items that reduce regeneration or damage, such as Spirit Vessel or Crimson Guard.
  • Use heroes who can control or isolate other enemies, leaving Ogre Magi on the sidelines.
  • Be prepared for his ability to control and initiate fights.

Support (4th and 5th positions)

  • Warding and dewarding are important as Ogre Magi will often try to control the map.
  • Use heroes with fast healing or purification abilities to remove the effects of his abilities.
  • Always check his items, as he may acquire Aghanim's Scepter or other items that will enhance his abilities.

The key to defeating Ogre Magi is to avoid long fights with him in the early stages, control the map, and be prepared for his buff and crowd control abilities.

Which items are effective against Ogre Magi?

Against Ogre Magi, it is useful to collect items that can help you deal with its control, buff, and high stamina. Items that can be effective against him are as follows:

  • Manta Style gives you an additional illusion that can help you escape Ogre Magi's control.
  • Black King Bar makes you invulnerable to spells, which can help you survive his abilities.
  • Heaven's Halberd can immobilize Ogre Magi, giving you the opportunity to damage him or escape.
  • Spirit Vessel reduces the target's health and mana regeneration, which can reduce the effectiveness of Ogre's abilities.
  • Crimson Guard reduces the target's attack damage, which can reduce the effectiveness of his Bloodlust ability.

The choice of items against Ogre Magi will depend on the specific game and your hero. However, these items may be a good start.

Who to choose while playing against Ogre Magi?

Choice of a hero against Ogre Magi depends on what role you want to play and what playstyle you prefer. Here are a few heroes that can be effective against Ogre Magi:

Phantom Lancer (PL)


Ogre Magi has no area damage or crowd control, which makes him less effective against Phantom Lancer's illusions, and it will have difficulty fighting many illusions created by Phantom Lancer.

Phantom Lancer's ability, Doppelganger, allows him to avoid spells such as Ignite from Ogre Magi and can be used to reset the effects of Ignite, reducing the damage Phantom Lancer takes. In addition, Phantom Lancer often acquires Diffusal Blade, which allows him and his illusions to burn through the mana of enemies, limiting Ogre Magi's ability to cast his abilities and reducing his impact on combat.


Naga Siren


Naga Siren is capable of creating illusions, which can pose a challenge for Ogre Magi as he doesn't have any effective area of effect damage to deal with them. This could allow Naga Siren and her illusions to deal damage to Ogre Magi without taking significant risks.

Naga also has the ability Ensnare, which can control the movement of Ogre, making him vulnerable to attacks from Naga Siren's allies.

In addition, Naga Siren has the ultimate called Song of the Siren, which can instantly stop all enemies around her. This can be used to initiate combat, rescue allies, or disorient enemies, including Ogre Magi, during combat.



The main reason is this hero's maneuverability and mana burn. Anti-Mage has the Blink ability, which allows him to easily maneuver in a battle and avoid Ogre Magi's spells. Additionally, his mana burn can be especially effective against Ogre Magi, since Ogre depends on his mana to use abilities. Reducing Ogre Magi's mana pool can significantly reduce his effectiveness in battle. Additionally, the damage of the Mana Void spell can be increased if Ogre Magi has spent most of his mana, making him vulnerable to this spell.

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight can counter Ogre Magi, and the main reason for this is his Phantasm ability. Phantasm removes Ignite's effect and makes choosing a true Chaos Knight to attack much more difficult. This can make it difficult for Ogre Magi to damage and control Chaos Knight in a battle, as he will have difficulty determining which hero is the real one.


Beastmaster has strong control in the form of his Primal Roar ultimate, which can be used to interrupt Ogre Magi's casting abilities or to control him in combat. In addition, Beastmaster can use his minions for damage and control, which can create additional problems for Ogre Magi. Beastmaster is also capable of inflicting a slow on enemies, which can make it difficult for Ogre Magi to position himself in combat.

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