Necrophos counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Necrophos is a bright, bold, and unexpected character designed to win head-to-head battles. The hero feels confident on the central line. The developers have awarded Necrophos with a lot of heal, so his survivability can only be envied. The character is able not only to withstand attacks with the strongest counters, but also to inflict devastating damage on them. It is not easy for the opponent to survive in a fight with Necrophos – just one wrong step and he is already beaten.

What are the powers of Necrophos

First, the hero's power is in the passive ability Heartstopper. In order to avoid damage and save time needed for recovering health, the character should not be in the fight for a long time. If he is stuck there, he can lose and may not be able to come back into the game.

Necrophos is able to regenerate health quite quickly. This passive ability makes him practically invincible. Even if you hit the hero with blows that literally destroyed him, do not stop there and do not rush to rejoice. After using his Death Pulse skill, he will be back on his feet in a few seconds even after the most intense fight.

Necrophos also has the Ghost Shroud ult. It guarantees the character 100% invulnerability to physical damage. When Necrophos is attacked, he begins to actively use his passive ability, so he is able to withstand even in a prolonged battle.

In other words, Necrophos is a strong and quite durable opponent with a tremendous ability to survive, but he can be destroyed. The main thing is to learn how to choose counter picks correctly.

Necrophos Dota 2

Who will counter Necrophos in the mid lane

In the mid lane, Necrophos feels like a fish in water. He is ready to fight almost all heroes, but there are also those characters who can kill our hero no matter what.

The strongest counter picks of Necrophos in the mid lane are:

  • Viper. This character in the mid destroys everyone indiscriminately. He is designed to win and kill opponents. Viper can disable a passive ability without which Necrophos becomes literally helpless. And he also casts spells at the right time and sprays poison which causes incredible damage to the enemy.
  • Zeus. The strength of this hero is great magical abilities. The lightning that Zeus sends to the opponent does not just destroy the armor, but takes the lion's share of his health. Necrophos is very sensitive to magical influence, and Zeus is a very strong mage, so he can wipe Necrophos off the face of the earth in a matter of seconds.
  • Sniper. Although this hero is clumsy and slow, he counters Necrophos very effectively. Since the Sniper has a higher rank than our character, he easily slows the opponent, knocks back and deals a lot of magic damage using his passive ability. It is very difficult for Necrophos to get to Sniper. Even if he tries to do so, he will most likely die. Necrophos should at least have Blink Dagger to counter Sniper in any way.
  • Ember Spirit. This character has good defense and an impressive magic cast. Using his shield, the hero can easily withstand an opponent's attack, weaken him with his passive ability and deliver a fatal blow at the right moment.

Who counters Necrophos on the lane

It is much more difficult for the character to stand in the third position than in the mid, but he actively fights with opponents on the hard. Who can handle Necrophos in the third lane? The following counters are suitable:

  • Ancient Apparition. This hero has an ult that disables the enemy's heal. He also uses artifacts and deals serious magic damage.
  • Skywrath Mage. This character successfully uses his magical abilities in the fight against Necrophos. He imposes silence on the opponent, as a result of which the latter cannot actively act and hold a blow.
  • Anti-Mage is considered the best counter of Necrophos on the hard lane. He burns mana, which the opponent is heavily dependent on.

It is equally important to use the right items in battles against Necrophos. Regardless of which lane the counterpick is on, we recommend stocking up on Black King Bar (makes the hero invulnerable to damage from Death Pulse and scythe), Linken Sphere (increases the duration of BKB and provides reliable protection to its owner) and Lotus Orb (reflects all magic spells in opponent). If you take into account all the recommendations, you can confidently defeat Necrophos.

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