Naga Siren counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Naga Siren is a fast pushing melee hero. Her balanced abilities allow her to farm almost the entire time due to the following features:

  • illusions with a long life expectancy, which have all the items and abilities of the main character;
  • quick skills improvement – 15 minutes and she cannot be stopped;
  • the ability to stop the fight and run away;
  • good armor and high movement speed.

These features allow you to quickly seize control (if not opposed by AOE spells). After laning, Naga Siren farms the jungle, and sends illusions to the lane to prevent enemies from getting gold. As a result, the illusions are gaining such strength that they do not allow the opponents to leave the base.

Therefore, it is worth knowing who counters Naga Siren in order to win the battle. After all, she can impose a battle and build a game according to her scenario.

Disadvantages of Naga Siren

To defeat Naga Siren, you need to take into account her weaknesses:

  • The character is weak at the beginning of the game, that’s why she sits in the safe lane in the first position. This allows you to farm gold, kill jungle creeps.
  • She has a small amount of mana before buying artifacts. And her abilities cost a lot.
  • The increase in strength is slow. Therefore, she is vulnerable to area damage.
  • At the beginning of the game, her health is low. But later, the amount of HP she has can be envied.

Knowing these features, you need to prevent Naga from farming at the beginning of the game. Then she will not be able to collect items and return to the game to become a carry.

Naga Siren Dota 2

Naga Siren in Dota 2

How to counter Naga Siren

Want to block Naga Siren? Then organize strong pressure on her to break the timing of collecting artifacts. And use area-of-effect strike abilities. This is how you get rid of illusions. And then Naga will become helpless and harmless.

This tactic can be implemented by the following counter picks:

  • Earthshaker is the fear of all illusionists. Its peculiarity is in shock waves, which gain strength due to reflection from heroes and summoned creatures. Operates within a certain radius.
  • Sven. Its cleave damage is able to destroy all illusions and take control of Siren. All you need to do is distribute the damage in front of the hero over the area in combination with the damage from the hand. It takes 2-3 hits, and Naga is in the «tavern».
  • Faceless Void. You will be helped by his mass control abilities. Chronosphere will prevent Naga from doing her thing, and Time Lock will deal fatal damage. At the same time, do not forget about artifacts that increase AOE damage.
  • Ember Spirit is valued for mobility. Regardless of abilities, he easily deflects the opponent’s attacks in all lanes. At the same time, he easily kills illusions, and one ultimate is enough for the main character.
  • Outworld Destroyer easily deals with illusions. And having gained intellect, he will neutralize Naga Siren by himself.
  • Terrorblade. His first ability allows you to deal with illusions due to the opponent’s damage.

The advantage of this pick is that it allows you to influence illusions. This means that it does not allow Naga to take a leading position on the map and collect the necessary artifacts. Therefore, it is worth choosing anti-pusher characters with AOE damage and mobile heroes.

What items will help

For a melee player, you can use:

  • Blade Mail helps get rid of the net. At the same time, the damage that was inflicted is returned to Naga and her copies.
  • Ghost Scepter helps defend against illusions for supports. But it won’t protect you from magic damage.
  • Battle Fury increases attack damage against creatures.

But for long-range attack characters, we recommend using Maelstrom.

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