Morphling counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Morphling is a strong carry hero who deals damage from long range. He has high stamina, deals magical and physical damage. His main feature is that he can reduce health in exchange for improved agility, damage, and vice versa.

Morph can be played in the center, in the roles of support, off-lane and carry. And the ability to transform into another creature makes him untouchable for many heroes. And if the Morphling has gained strength, then it is almost impossible to stop him: he causes huge amount of damage during the short period of time.

Dota 2: Morphling Guide - The Ultimate Carry

What needs to be considered when countering Morphling

The peculiarity of Morphling is that he has a small supply of mana. And in order to gain strength in the early stages, Morph has to sacrifice his health in favor of agility and damage. At this stage, it is necessary to counter him. But remember that in case of danger, it is not difficult for Morph to convert mana into HP in seconds.

At the same time, such a hero easily moves around the map, he has an ideal balance of magical and physical damage. He easily earns magic damage for his team by killing low health heroes throughout the game.

Who counters Morphling

The only way to stop a Morphling is controlling and preventing him from acquiring an Ethereal Blade. After all, this hero starts killing enemies from the first seconds of the game. Morphling can be countered by:

  • Faceless Void. His chronosphere is the best solution because it doesn’t let you pump health into agility and vice versa. Moreover, Morph will not be able to recover at any stage of the game.
  • Puck. Speed, ability control, and quick damage are things that help against Morphling.
  • Lion. Can neutralize Morphling single-handedly if he times it right and hits Finger of Death.
  • Ancient Apparition. Disables health pumping, and then easily killing Morph.
  • Skywrath Mage. He will not allow the use of escapes, will increase the damage received by the hero.
  • Tiny. This hero is effective only at the beginning of the game, until Morph has items. Then it is difficult to deal with the water monster.
  • Queen of Pain. One spell combo, and Morph will have to go to the «tavern».
  • Nyx Assassin. He is good at the initial stage. A couple of seconds and the Morphling is killed.

Anti-Mage, Outworld Devourer, Zeus and other heroes also counter Morphling well. Just catch him and use their abilities. After all, Morph has to move around the map with a minimum of health. And don’t tank on him because it’s easy for Morph to take out a tank in a head-to-head fight.

How to counter Morph

Want to defeat this elusive monster? Then attack Morph constantly to provoke power pumping and don’t give him the opportunity to hit the creeps. And try to choose such counterpicks that can freeze the enemy. After all, it is easier to beat water that way.

With Morph, the jokes are bad. But you can protect yourself from his attacks with items that increase health:

  • Heart of Tarrasque: 450 health, 50% health regeneration and 45 strength;
  • Mekansm Aura: this cast restores 275 health to all allies within a 1200 radius and gives +4 armor;
  • Vanguard: 250 health and defense against attacks of Morphling;
  • Orchid Malevolence: 30% magic damage and 5 sec. prohibitions on magic, including on pumping health;
  • Scythe of Vyse: Prohibition of pumping attributes into power.

Constant attacks and effectively used abilities will bring the desired debuff.

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