Monkey King counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Monkey King, or MK, is a bright and creative hero who can defeat any enemy in close combat. He confidently jumps through the crowns of trees and purposefully looks for an opponent with whom he could start a glorious battle. Monkey King knows how to take opponents by surprise.

He unexpectedly attacks from height, and this is where his key strength lies. MK literally reverses the course of events. Enlisting the support of an army of fellow soldiers, he erases everything in his path. The elusive trickster can stop the fugitives with his staff, he triumphs in the chaos of battle.

Defeating Monkey King in the mid or safe lane is very difficult, but if you choose the right player to counter him and acquire the right artifacts, it is quite possible to turn the tide of the fight.

Monkey King Dota 2

Who can become a worthy counter pick for Monkey King

The elusive trickster is adequately opposed by the following heroes:

  • Windranger. Fairly fragile, at first glance, this girl is capable of destroying MK without a twinge of conscience. Windranger has a unique ability called Powershot, using which she can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. In addition, this heroine skillfully cuts trees on her way and does not allow MK to activate his passive ability.
  • Bounty Hunter. Monkey defeats enemies using his passive ability. The sooner he activates it, the better for him. BH slows down the activation and hangs a special ult on Monkey King, after which all allies can see him.
  • Slardar. This character has an ultimate that works on the same principle as Bounty Hunter's ultimate. Plus, it also breaks through MK's armor. Slardar is also able to deal a lot of physical damage with his strikes. If he attacks Monkey King suddenly, he can deprive him of most of his healing or even kill him.
  • Timbersaw. This hero is considered to be MK's most effective counter pick. Not only that he destroys the trees that the enemy moves through, but he also inflicts serious physical blows in open combat, from which one can hardly recover.
  • Beastmaster. This character has an Observer Ward that provides vision around him. Monkey King won't be able to spontaneously get close to this hero to strike. And Beastmaster knows how to destroy trees.
  • Batrider cuts down trees in his path, and with the help of Flaming Lasso, he takes Monkey King beyond the limits of his own ult and disables it. As a result, the enemy becomes helpless.
  • Phantom Assassin successfully uses his passive ability against MK. Blur increases her chances of winning by several times, as it allows her to easily evade enemy attacks.
  • Sniper uses his Shrapnel ability. He illuminates and cuts down nearby trees in the process of combat, so Monkey King is helpless in the battle with him. The Sniper has a long attack range, so he confidently strikes an opponent even from a long distance.
  • Pudge. This character can pull Monkey King out of the range of his own ult. Once MK loses his ability, he can be actively attacked.

It does not matter which character from the above-mentioned heroes you would choose as a counter-pick. Any of them will be able to fight back MK if desired and with minimal skills. To simplify the task of destroying the MK, the developers recommend stocking up on the following items:

  • Quelling Blade. This artifact helps to quickly cut down any tree, including the one on which Monkey King is sitting.
  • Ghost Scepter. When activated, this item becomes immune to physical damage. In other words, Ghost Scepter is a reliable additional protection that will not allow to deal much damage to the health of its owner.
  • Heaven's Halberd. If you use this artifact against Monkey King, then he loses his mobility for a while and cannot attack.

Monkey King is a true champion. He was awarded unique abilities and devices. In the forest he feels very comfortable, nevertheless, it is quite possible to destroy him. Worthy counter picks and many unique items will come to your aid in this matter.

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