Meepo counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

In the forest of Dota 2, you can face a furry elf geomancer with a hooligan squint and a gold tooth – Meepo. It is not easy to escape from him, because the character is distinguished by agility and unusual skills. And yet, they say that he sometimes digs graves, can find the Ore of the forces of Light and loves to eat fish.

Meepo skills

Meepo is multifaceted not only in habits, but also in abilities. The hero is used in close combat, on the mid lane, so that he gains experience faster and reaches his potential. His roles are mid and carry.

Meepo’s skills include:

  • Earthbind – the character shoots a net which freezes the enemy so that he cannot teleport, go into invisibility, but at the same time he can stop spells.
  • Poof. It is enough to use one spell and a safe teleport to another Meepo is ensured. Thanks to this, he attacks the enemy at the point of departure or arrival.
  • Ransack is a passive ability that takes health away from the enemy and can heal character clones.
  • Divided We Stand are semi-autonomous clones of the hero, whose task is to receive and share experience, gold. They copy the characteristics, the level of the main character. If one of the clones dies, the rest will disappear.

To heal Meepo, to make him more invulnerable, gamers usually buy the Aghanim’s Scepter artifact, which will give the Dig skill.

To be strong in any fight, Meepo will need Power Treads boots, Eye of Skadi, Ethereal Blade.

Meepo also has its disadvantages. For example, at the beginning of the game, he is very vulnerable, afraid of strong procasts and AOE abilities, and arrogant. In addition, the character likes to farm, and while he is doing it, you can catch him with a gank.

Meepo Dota 2

Meepo in Dota 2

Who is countered by Meepo

Thanks to his abilities, Meepo will easily deal with the following opponents:

  • Anti-Mage;
  • Storm Spirit;
  • Clinkz;
  • Templar Assassin;
  • Broodmother.

If the opponents do not have needed items in the mid, Meepo does not allow them to farm, increase the advantage, he starts to catch them.

Who counters Meepo

Despite the agility and serious damage that the character inflicts on opponents, he can also be defeated. Meepo can be beaten by the following characters:

  • Lina. In a single battle, she can win, but is not so good against clones;
  • Huskar. His Inner Fire skill knocks back and disarms the enemy;
  • Outworld Destroyer does a lot of damage to our character;
  • Ursa has high survivability, resistance to magic;
  • Troll Warlord is an almost perfect Meepo opponent with good health;
  • Sven has great survivability and deals massive damage to Meepo;
  • Bloodseeker. His passive skill reduces the health level of the clones;
  • Earthshaker. Each rollback of the ultimate kills our character.

To counter this hero, you need to play together with your team. You can’t beat Meepo all alone, the help of supports is important here. If you bother him in the mid lane, he will go into the jungle and start farming wildly thanks to his copies. Therefore, the task of supports is to rot the forest, constantly distract Meepo from farming.

For the best counter pick, use Black King Bar, Ghost Scepter, Aeon Disk, Force Staff.

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