Mars counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Mars is an active and unpredictable character, who is able to defeat almost any opponent in close combat. He deals mostly physical damage. The hero has few magical abilities, but this does not make him weak. Despite the fact that Mars appeared relatively recently in the Dota 2 game, millions have already managed to fall in love with him.

The character feels confident on any lane. The developers endowed him with great power. He was created to win, so Mars causes only anxiety and great fear among rivals. No matter what position you put the hero in, he will unconditionally lead you to success.

How to play against Mars

This character is not only strong, but also very balanced. He is able to compete even with the powerful Bristleback. In a single duel with Mars, you are guaranteed to lose, but if you oppose the character with the whole team, you will be able to destroy him quickly enough. Mars is still capable of something while facing two opponents, but he will not be able to resist three or more enemies who are actively attacking.

Is your goal to get a crushing victory over Mars? Then we advise you to reasonably approach the choice of a counter-hero at the very beginning of the game. What else needs to be done to destroy the character? Act actively and aggressively, and on any lane! If you see that Mars is slowly receding, do not miss the moment when the hero turns his back on you. In such a situation, you can pile on him with all your might.

Mars is quite arrogant, so he goes under the tower without any fear, because he relies on his strong passive ability. In such cases, we recommend positioning it so that the damage from the tower is aimed at Mars' back. In this case the character will suffer significant damage.

Mars Dota 2

Who can counter Mars in Dota 2

The character is mobile, but highly dependent on his ultimate abilities, so any hero who knows how to create silences, stuns and bashes can resist him. The list of worthy Mars counterpicks is as follows:

  • Riki. This character has Blink, which allows you to attack the opponent from behind. Riki can also quickly escape the arena if necessary.
  • Necrophos. The hero can go into a form where it is forbidden to attack using physical forces. While Mars is not hitting, Necrophos can actively strike the enemy, thereby removing his defenses and causing irreparable harm to health.
  • Viper. The developers gave Viper a unique skill, using which he can completely disable the Mars passive ability, and without it the hero cannot resist the opponent. Plus, Viper has unique magical abilities. Using spells, he inflicts massive damage on Mars, from which the latter quickly dies.
  • Phantom Lancer. The Illusionist defeats Mars, standing in any lane and position. He uses his magical abilities, which the enemy cannot defend against, since he has practically no mana. Plus, Phantom Lancer drives the opponent into illusions, as a result of which the enemy only loses strength and weakens.
  • Timbersaw. This character knows how to defend against physical damage, so Mars loses in battles with him. Timbersaw constantly increases his armor and regenerates health from his passive ability. If Blade Mail is used against the hero, then this is only for his benefit.
  • Huskar. The character inflicts great physical damage to the opponent during attacks. He also successfully uses magical abilities in battle. Mars will not be able to resist Huskar in the early stages of the game, as he is forced to constantly regenerate.
  • Poison Attack. In the confrontation with this hero, Mars loses a lot of health. Nethertoxin ultimate, which is used by Poison Attack, completely disables the enemy's main power – a passive ability.
  • Lifestealer. This hero has a built-in BKB, which allows you to leave the Mars arena at any time and not get ganked by him.
  • Outworld Devourer. This character hides behind Arcane Orb, completely ignoring the shield and inflicting physical damage to Mars. The Astral Imprisonment ability allows you to skillfully defend yourself from an opponent's attacks by hiding yourself in the arena. Outworld Devourer effectively fights against Mars in the team of allies.
  • Doom. This character disables Mars's passive ability by using his ultimate and silences him for a long time. As we already know, the latter is highly dependent on skills. If he cannot use them in attacks, then he turns from a dangerous attacker into an easy target.
  • Lina deals lethal damage to an enemy. She can easily survive a full procast from Mars.
  • Shadow Fiend. He has BKB. He quickly recovers from the damage that the enemy inflicts, skillfully escapes from the arena, hits Mars from a long distance, while remaining unnoticed.

By choosing one of the above counter picks, you are guaranteed to win.

What items are effective against Mars

If you want to defeat the character quickly and with minimal losses, provide your hero with such attributes as Silver Edge, BKB (Black King Bar), Aeon Disk. We recommend buying as many artifacts as possible in the shop. The more you have, the easier it is to defeat the enemy.

In conclusion, we would like to say that Mars, being the strongest player, has his weaknesses. If the enemy knows what he is afraid of and what he is vulnerable to, then he can triumphantly win even in the most exciting battle.

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