Lifestealer counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Lifestealer is a bright and courageous hero with a built-in BKB. The character’s key skill is the ability to eat his opponents alive. If he starts free farming, then the enemy will definitely get in trouble. To become invulnerable to magical damage, the hero just needs to use one of his abilities called Rage. The more health Lifestealer has, the faster his recovery is after each hit. Also, Lifestealer can avoid a fight, climb into the nearest creep and run away.

Lifestealer Dota 2

Lifestealer in Dota 2

Who counters the character

Lifestealer is the hero who is not easy to defeat, but it is possible. The following characters are capable of this:

  • Windranger. He is endowed with the ability called Windrun, which helps to wait out the Rage of Lifestealer. He can then hurl a Shackleshot at the enemy and direct all his efforts towards killing him.
  • Slardar. The character has an ult (Corrosive Haze), which shows the allies the location of the enemy and reduces his armor. Lifestealer has a lot of armor, and if it is safely removed, the hero becomes as vulnerable as possible.
  • Razor. Lifestealer destroys enemies in fights. He «eats» due to his passive ability, thereby causing tremendous damage to his opponent. How to defeat Lifestealer then? Razor has a second skill, thanks to which he is able to turn the enemy into a harmless little puppy in a fight. In addition, Razor can fight back immediately after dealing full damage.
  • Doom. This hero has a unique ult, Doom, which literally disables Lifestealer. The latter is deprived of all his abilities. He has no choice but to simply hit with his hands, it is at such moments that the character can be completely destroyed.
  • Naga Siren. This character can use her ability of pulling the enemies and send Lifestealer to the tavern with the help of her allies.
  • Beastmaster. The hero is endowed with an ultimate ability that stuns our character. He waits out dangerous moments and easily deals with the enemy.
  • Bane. He can easily turn Lifestealer into a harmless puppy and save his ally from attacks.
  • Juggernaut. The developers of the game endowed this hero with the ability to deal high physical damage, and even Rage will not save Lifestealer from the destructive power of Juggernaut. The character can sharply inflict significant damage to the enemy.

If we talk about the listed counter picks, then they will overcome the character in question not without difficulty, but with firm confidence, even without additional abilities.

Items to help get rid of Lifestealer

To wait out or delay the power (Rage) of the hero in question, you will need a Ghost Scepter. This item will help protect against physical damage, but only for a short period of time. Other equally useful things that will come in handy in the battle with Lifestealer are as follows:

  • Force Staff. Pushes the character away from the enemy at a distance, but you need to act extremely quickly, since Lifestealer moves quickly. If you don’t use it on time, then the item will be ineffective.
  • Assault Cuirass. This item protects the entire team at the same time.

If you want to defeat Lifestealer, don’t let him beat him. Show maximum ingenuity, dexterity and skills, and then at first glance the immortal hero will be defeated.

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