Leshrac counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Leshrac is a unique creature with great abilities. Half of the hero lives in one world, half in another. Leshrac has a very sharp mind. He feels great being in the mid lane. He is considered an excellent starting move speed.

The developers gave him a lot of armor and very good starting opportunities. The character actively improves his abilities throughout the game and confidently counters invisors. Leshrak's skills deal massive damage to enemies. The character knows how to farm and push, snowballs perfectly. He easily acts as a roamer, carry and midlaner, he can win fights and make rampages in a single fight. He uses long-range skills for attacks.

Leshrac also has some weaknesses. He is heavily dependent on mana. He has low damage at the start. If Leshrac fails in the first minutes of the game, it is very difficult for him to come back into action. In other words, the character is quite unusual and multifaceted. In any fights, especially single ones, he wins most of the time, but there are also some heroes who can survive in the fight against a tormented soul.

Leshrac Dota 2

Who counters Leshrac

The following characters can defeat this hero in an encounter:

  • Lina has a huge attack range. She rarely takes damage from Leshrac's lightning. The heroine knows how to quickly push the lane, keeps her enemy in constant tension and does not let him relax.
  • Pugna is another strong counter pick for Leshrac. This character almost instantly pushes the mid and deals huge damage to the opponent. Pugna hits Leshrac with her spells.
  • Doom. This hero prevents the Tormented Soul from using his abilities, as a result of which Leshrac turns into an ordinary creep, who can be easily killed.
  • Morphing. He is a mobile and active carry who uses his skills against the enemy. He deals devastating damage to Leshrac, hits him extremely effectively even with one BKB.
  • Rubick. This hero steals Leshrac's stun and lightnings, which he then uses against the enemy.
  • Visage has birds that Leshrac is very afraid of. They are not affected by magic spells, so they easily attack him, causing great damage.

By choosing one of the indicated heroes, you can deal with Leshrac without much difficulty. And if you give the counter pick additional items, he will be able to achieve this goal much faster.

What items can harm Leshrac

To unsettle and neutralize Leshrac you can use:

  • Blade Mail. This item reflects the damage of counter picks in the opposite direction and prevents the character from hitting them.
  • Black King Bar. Since Leshrac's damage is mostly magical, BKB will help to deprive him of his main abilities.
  • Diffusal Blade. After each attack, this artifact burns out Leshrac's mana, without which he is unable to fully use his magical abilities. When the enemy starts to counter you in the mid lane, immediately use Diffusal Blade.

Don't forget that Leshrac can only be successful if he starts strong, so do your best to take him out of the game early on. The hero will not be able to fully recover after the defeat. So your key task is to hit Leshrac as actively as possible and rebuff him at the very beginning of the game. In this case, the victory will definitely be yours.

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