Artifacts (items) in Dota 2

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Artifacts (items) for heroes in Dota 2 are one of the most important factors affecting the outcome of the game. To be more precise, it is the presence of certain artifacts on certain heroes that affects.

Artifacts strengthen the character in one way or another, give him bonuses from either side. You can buy them in shops or get them as a reward for killing Roshan. Dota 2 currently contains over 120 items that can be purchased this way.

All of them are divided into subspecies right in the shop. The corresponding names of the sections of the Main Shop on the map (by the fountain in both bases) determine the purpose and type of each item:

  • Consumables
  • Attributes
  • Weapons
  • Mystic

This is followed by item improvements, thanks to which we get full-fledged powerful artifacts that greatly affect the character’s abilities. They are called “Improvements” and are divided into their own types:

  • General
  • Support
  • Magic
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Artifacts

Another place where you can get items that are not found in regular shops is Hidden Shop (a slightly hidden shop in the forests of each side). There are unique items that are not sold anywhere else. Their prices are usually pretty decent, ranging from Energy Booster for 900 gold to Sacred Relic which can be purchased for 3800 gold. Without these items, you cannot collect the most powerful and expensive artifacts in the game. The most expensive item in the game is Bloodthorn (7195).

Returning to the functional part of the items, it should be noted that the timely presence of any of the expensive artifacts on a certain hero (usually this is the main carry hero of the team) can not only give her an advantage, but if used correctly, actually win the game or at least turn it over . Such, for example, is the Monkey King Bar purchased on time against a hero with dodges. But not always the price determines the importance. A well-timed ward for 150 gold can play a decisive role in the upcoming mass battle of heroes, influencing the course of the game in one way or another.

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