Huskar counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Huskar is a bright and memorable hero with high strength indicators, ideal for ranged combat. He plays mainly on the mid lane, very rarely is an offlaner and a carry. Mostly takes attacks while standing face to face with an opponent. He is considered a bright representative of the strength class, therefore he can easily break out into the positions of midlaners.

The main tasks of Huskar are to equalize forces as much as possible and increase the pace of the gameplay. The hero has learned a lot. He easily disarms nearby targets, knows how to slow down his opponents and reduce the distance to them, confidently frees certain zones, while not provoking basic creatures. Huskar also has additional health, he is able, unlike most other characters, to attack as quickly as possible.

Since Huskar is a rather unpleasant and hostile character in Dota 2, many heroes will counter him. Let’s see how and why. And let’s also look at the items which help in the fight against Huskar, and who he counters.

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Who counters Huskar

The key feature of the hero is a passive ability, due to which the attack speed is significantly increased, and health regeneration accelerates as the amount of HP decreases.

Huskar character counter picks:

  • Ancient Apparition. Helps completely disable Huskar’s regeneration. Even if you get a BKB, the AA’s ultimate will work effectively.
  • Viper. Can turn off the passive abilities of his enemy, therefore successfully and effectively counters Huskar.
  • Necrophos. Confidently defeats the enemy, since he almost always has less than half health.
  • Chaos Knight. Creates illusions, among which it is very difficult to find a real opponent, so Huskar cannot quickly defeat him.
  • Enigma. One of the strongest counter picks for the hero. He deals damage based on a percentage of maximum health. Huskar has a lot of health, so he suffers from blows seriously.
  • Death Prophet. Huskar’s main counter pick. The hero has many survivability items that allow him to get a confident victory in close combat with the enemy.
  • Sniper and Windranger. Huskar is powerless in the fight against these two heroes. While one of them is actively running and shooting at an enemy who cannot fight back, the second keeps the opponent at a great distance from him.

Huskar cannot adequately counter all of the above heroes, so he almost always loses.

Which heroes are the easiest for Huskar to deal with

He confidently counters:

  • Meepo. To neutralize the character, it is enough just to direct all the damage on one target. Huskar does it just fine.
  • Zeus. He is one of the long attack range heroes, so Huskar is considered his most dangerous opponent.
  • Ember Spirit and Templar Assassin. These characters have ability to receive a shield which is active for a certain number of hits. If Huskar fires his flaming arrows, the shield will immediately disappear.
  • Winter Wyvern. To heal his ally, the hero freezes him, thereby blocking physical damage. And Huskar’s magic arrows are capable of melting any ice. Plus, a frozen character cannot move, so arrows will definitely hit him.
  • Venomancer. It perfectly resists immobile enemies, and Huskar has an ultimate which makes Venomaster’s defeat in the fight inevitable.
  • Phoenix. When Huskar loses almost all of his health, his attack speed increases significantly, causing the sun (Phoenix’s ultimate) to break with little difficulty.
  • Dragon Knight. This character has a lot of armor, but our hero’s magic arrows pierce through it with ease and deal huge damage.

All of the listed heroes are countered by Huskar. Despite the fact that they are endowed with unique abilities, they cannot resist him for a long time.

What items are effective in battles against Huskar

To make it easier to fight a character, use these items:

  • Solar Crest increases vulnerability;
  • Silver Edge helps reload passive ability for 5 seconds
  • Heaven’s Halberd an effect similar to the previous one. Allows the character to win a duel in which heavy weapons are ineffective.
  • Blade Mail the damage received by the hero is dealing damage to Huskar. It makes sense to turn it on when the Huskar has low amount of HP (his attack speed will increase together with the damage from turning on the BM);
  • Force Staff when Huskar suddenly attacks, you can use this item to run away from his fire arrows, or move him closer to the tower or enemies.

Generally speaking, Huskar becomes vulnerable when he loses his passive ability. To get a chance to win, counter the hero’s heal and try to weaken him even in the shortest periods of time.

Where is the best place to fight Huskar

Our hero almost always lives in the mid, so attacking him here is useless if you do not have certain knowledge and experience. You can put characters against him in the center lane, but then it’s better to choose heroes who have magical abilities aimed at weakening the enemy’s regeneration skills. Viper, Sniper, Razor will do. Remember, your main task is to weaken the healing. If you do this, you will gain a significant advantage and win the match with 90% certainty.

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