How to unlock all heroes in Dota 2

Tips for beginners

Dota 2 is known for the variety of heroes, items, their combinations, development options and interactions available to players. Thanks to this, every match is not like the previous one, and interest in the game does not fade even after several years of active gameplay. However, this can also become a disadvantage: the high complexity of the game causes difficulties for players at the initial stages when they are getting to know the rules and characters.

Why aren’t all characters unlocked?

To make the first steps easier for beginners, the developers of the game have limited the list of heroes that are available for selection at the initial stage. In this way, an easy introduction of inexperienced players into Dota 2 is achieved. At first you can only choose heroes, the complexity of the game for which is low.

How to remove the restriction?

In most cases, limiting heroes in the list of available characters is a reasonable and correct decision on the part of the developer. However, it does not take into account the situation when an experienced player, for some reason, temporarily plays on a different account. If you find yourself in this situation, you can unlock all the characters through the console.

The hidden game data contains a record of whether the player is a beginner. It looks like this: «dota_new_player 1». To change this, you need to access the console:

  • Launch Steam, find Dota 2 in the library.
  • Press the right mouse button on the game.
  • Open «Properties», go to the «General» tab, find the item «Set launch options», and then enter the necessary commands.
  • Enter «-console» (with a hyphen, no quotes).

When entering the game, you can reassign a hot key to open the console in the menu («Settings — Controls — Interface»). Initially, the key with the «slash» (/) is intended for this action. Now you can start by searching for a game and then accepting it. Immediately after the game is loaded, you should open the console and write «dota_new_player false» or «dota_new_player 0».

Until the pick phase, it makes no sense to prescribe commands, since the automatic change of the field value to «true / 1» works during the loading of the match.

Advice to players

In order to never be limited in the choice of characters, you should enter this command into the console before every match. But if you are a beginner, choose the path that the developer has set: this way you will be able to level up better and get more pleasure from the game.

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