Dota 2 guide for beginners

Tips for beginners

Dota 2 is deservedly recognized as a source of new experiences thanks to unique gameplay. Great popularity and quality of the game attract new players, while experienced players continue to enjoy it after all these years. It is not easy for a beginner to get a broad idea of ​​what is happening in the game after first matches, as well as to learn how to play Dota 2 good enough. To start your journey in this world, you need to understand the rules of the game. We will try answer all possible questions in this article.

Map in Dota 2

There is only one location, where the game of Dota 2 is played. It is divided into two halves: radiant and dire. Parts of the map are made symmetrically to maintain game balance, they are separated by a river. The base of Team Radiant is situated in the lower left corner, while the base of Team Dire is in the upper right. The map is divided into three lanes: the top, the bottom and the middle ones. There are also two forests with neutral creeps called Jungle, magic runes and outposts (located between the middle and side lanes). There is also a pit on the river, where Roshan the Immortal or simply Roshan, the most powerful neutral creep, can be found.

The game is played by two teams of 5 people. At the beginning of every game players pick heroes and level them up by gaining experience. So, all the players have equally powerful heroes at the start. The main goal is to destroy the Ancient (the main building at the enemy base). Enemy heroes, defensive towers (located at the base and along the lanes), as well as game-controlled units (creeps) that appear in the barracks and head towards the enemy along all lines prevent you from achieving the goal.

Hero attributes

For the most part game scenarios depend on the actions of heroes, which are controlled by players. Every in-game character has specific attributes, which determine their statistics and style of play. There are three types of them:

  • strength (increases HP and quickens health regeneration);
  • agility (increases armor and attack speed);
  • intelligence (increases mana and mana regeneration).

Each hero has a Primary Attribute, which increases base damage. After going up a level each character receives a certain amount of strength, agility, and intelligence attributes. This amounts are unique for each hero.

Dota 2 positions

A mix of characteristics and attributes of heroes makes them more suitable for specific positions. There are five main roles in Dota 2:

  • Carry;
  • Mid-laner;
  • Off-lane;
  • Roaming Support;
  • Hard Support.


Carry is the character, who is weak at the start of game and needs help from his supports. His task is to get as much gold and experience during early and mid game, so that he can decide the outcome of match at the end.

Carry-heroes for beginners: Wraith King, Sven, Ursa, Phantom Assassin.

Carry-heroes for experienced players: Morphling, Terrorblade, Spectre, Troll Warlord.


Mid-laner is the character, who receives the advantage in experience at the start and may reach Level 6 earlier than everyone else, because he has to fight enemies in the lane by himself. If his team is experiencing problems on the top or bottom lanes, mid-laner can help to turn things around.

Mid-lane heroes for beginners: Sniper, Zeus, Tiny, Dragon Knight, Queen of Pane.

Mid-lane heroes for experienced players: Invoker, Puck, Templar Assassin, Storm Spirit.


The main objective of the off-lane is stop an opposing carry from improving by denying his farm. It is one of the most important roles in the game. Apart from harassing enemy’s carry, the off-lane’s task is to take down towers and expand map for his team.

Off-lane heroes for beginners: Centaur Warrunner, Bristleback, Legion Commander, Tidehunter.

Off-lane heroes for experienced players: Timbersaw, Underlord, Phoenix, Elder Titan, Earth Spirit, Clockwerk.

Roaming support

Roamer is always moving around the map, changing lanes and attempting kills. This character’s main objective is to assist his partners.

Roaming support heroes for beginners: Abaddon, Bounty Hunter, Spirit Breaker, Vengeful Spirit.

Roaming support heroes for experienced players: Earth Spirit, Mirana, Tusk, Nature’s Prophet.

Hard Support

Hard support’s main responsibility is carry’s security. This character has to observe all possible threats and make sure his carry and mid-laner are enough farm and experience.

Hard support heroes for beginners: Lich, Lion, Ogre Magi, Crystal Maiden.

Hard support heroes for experienced players: Rubick, Io, Oracle, Shadow Demon.

Player Tips

You can learn how to play Dota 2 and reach a high level. To do this, you should feel confident in all roles. This can be achieved by watching video tutorials, broadcasts of professional games, guides to play for a specific character.

You will learn and master the basics faster when paired with a more experienced Dota 2 player. But still, the main advice is to play, because experience comes with time.

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