How to change camera distance in Dota 2: instruction by CyberScore

Technical questions

Camera settings play a huge role in the perception of Dota 2. Studying the battlefield and getting up-to-date information about the situation on the map are integral parts of the gameplay. The distance of the camera, the ability to move it correctly, as well as timely use of the received information are important indicators of the level of the game.

Increasing the standard value of the camera height in Dota 2 is one of the ways to improve the comfort and quality of the game. The advantages of a broader overview include:

  • Reduces the number of camera movements at all stages of the game.
  • Ability to receive more information about game events. Thus, spotting a Sacred Arrow, Meat Hook, or other approaching danger in advance will be much easier.
  • Comfortable aiming and possibility to use long-range abilities.
  • Solving the problem of small camera view due to low monitor resolution or 4:3 aspect ratio.

How to change camera distance?

First of all, it should be noted that you will not be able to get rid of the Fog of war or increase your hero’s range of vision with the help of these methods. This parameter can be changed only if you buy special items (for example, Moon Shard) or by leveling up the skills of some Dota 2 heroes (for example, Luna). That is why increasing camera distance is not considered unfair. There is currently no known case of a ban for this reason.

First method

The height of the camera in Dota 2 is adjusted by scrolling the mouse wheel. If you are unable to zoom out of the camera, check the correct control settings in the game and the functionality of the wheel. Replacement of the faulty part will solve the problem. Also, the available overview depends significantly on the monitor parameters. Replacing it with a higher resolution, wide format model may help.

The second method: changing parameters in the Dota 2 game files

To do this, you will need a powerful text editor (for example, NotePad++). You should also find out the bit rate of the installed operating system. The complete algorithm for changing camera settings looks like this:

  • Open Steam.
  • Look for a Dota 2 game.
  • Click with the right mouse button.
  • Go to «Properties».
  • Open the «Local files» section.
  • Click «View local files» (at this stage, the explorer will open).
  • Go to the «…Steam steamapps common dota 2 beta game dota bin» directory.
  • Depending on the bit rate of the operating system, open the win64 (for x64) or win32 (for x86) folder.
  • Open the Client.dll file using a text editor, make a save copy in case of an error.
  • Using CTRL+F you can find the initial value of the dota_camera_distance field «1134».
  • Change this number to any value in the range from 1 to 10000. Values ​​up to 1600 are considered comfortable for playing Dota 2, but you can experiment.
  • Changes must be saved using CTRL+S. The next time you start Dota 2, the camera settings will be changed.

Note that these changes must be made to the file after each game update, as the code will be reseted and the camera distance will return to its default value.

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