Faceless Void counter picks, who to pick against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Faceless Void is the hero which is often used in carry position. If you know how to control him, then he can oppose any character and even an enemy team. Therefore, like it or not, you will have to reckon with it. And who can bypass such a destructive force?

Подробный гайд на героя Faceless Void - саппорта Dota 2 - CQ

The strengths and weaknesses of Faceless Void

Its strength lies in three aspects:

  • this hero is good at any stage of the game;
  • high survivability due to his ability to avoid fast focus (Time Walk);
  • ability to backtrack the damage he is receiving.

But the weakness lies in dependance on the Chronosphere, vulnerability to Silent. This means that he can only deal damage if there are items he needs. Knowing this circumstance, you can count on winning. The main thing is to choose the right hero and evaluate his capabilities.

Who counters Faceless Void

Void’s main power is Chronosphere. Once under it, almost all heroes are doomed, as they are not able to do anything. Therefore, for counter we use:

  • Anti-Mage. Removes all mana. Void can leave, but Blink will help keep the fight going and win.
  • Razor. Reduces armor, which helps in a one-on-one fight. Combined with Static Link prior to using the Chronosphere, it will help deal significant damage.
  • Enchantress. Helps to quickly restore health. Applying the slow in combination with Impetus will deal heavy damage. Even Time Walk will not help.
  • Slark. Prevents the opponent from farming, helps avoid fatal damage, steals agility. Combined with Shadow Dance leaves no chance to the opponent.
  • Doom. Puts a ban on the use of skills. Can easily save the whole team.
  • Shadow Shaman. Has unique ultimate ability and disables. The main thing is not to fall under the influence of the Chronosphere.
  • Lion. Using Hex and Earth Spike will disarm Void and then Finger of Death will finish him off.

If you want to win, then buy:

  • Spirit Vessel the hero will not be able to fully restore health;
  • Orchid Malevolance is able to counter the fast focus;
  • Scythe of Vyse allows you to kill;
  • Aeon Disk will help you survive under Chronosphere;
  • Heaven’s Halberd prevents attacks.

And most importantly remember that you can defeat Void only from a distance. Otherwise, all means will become useless, as the team will be blocked by Chronosphere.

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