Ember Spirit counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Ember Spirit is a variable character with a unique play style. The developers awarded him with a wide variety of builds, abilities and skills, taught him to successfully play in various roles. Ember Spirit is mobile, active, attentive. He easily avoids blows, knows how to control enemies, deals them a lot of damage and, in the end, burns them alive.

The character actively moves around the map. Although he slowly gains the upper hand, the hero easily destroys anyone who crosses his path. Defeating Ember Spirit is quite difficult, but possible. The main thing is to know who to put on the same lane as the character, what tactics to use in battle and what items to use to weaken him as much as possible.

Ember Spirit Dota 2

Who counters Ember Spirit

The following characters can completely destroy him:

  • Huskar. This hero successfully attacks his opponent with fire spears. He deals a lot of damage to him at the very beginning, thereby completely knocking Ember out of the game, making it hard for the latter to come back. Huskar completely breaks the enemy's tempo, so he can't respond while standing in the mid lane. The only thing left is to flee into the forest, but Huskar will find and kill the opponent even there, despite everything.
  • Legion Commander. This hero is called a duelist not without reason. It is most effective against Ember Spirit in the mid game. Legion Commander uses Duel, which allows you to catch the enemy at any point on the map.
  • Faceless Void. This character can drain the life of Ember Spirit, giving him no chance to survive. The key advantages of Faceless Void are huge damage and ult. Using these advantages, Void successfully and effectively attacks Ember Spirit throughout the game. He also prevents the opponent from regenerating his abilities.
  • Enigma damages Ember in the same way that Void does. She has a strong ultimate. If Enigma hits an enemy, he will inevitably die.
  • Lion. This hero belongs to the supports that prevent Ember Spirit from moving. Moreover, Lion can control the enemy for a long time. He has enough power to not only deal devastating damage to Ember, but to destroy him.

To get a well-deserved victory quickly and easily, we recommend purchasing additional items for the counter picks:

  • Scythe of Vyse allows you to control the enemy for 3.5 seconds;
  • Orchid Malevolence prevents Ember Spirit from using his abilities;
  • Diffusal Blade burns the enemy's mana, removes Spirit's fire shield, slows him down.

Ember Spirit is virtually powerless against opponents who use the above-mentioned artifacts. So your main task is to collect them. The more damage you deal to Ember using them, the faster he will die.

A few words about the tactics of the game against Spirit

If you want Ember Spirit to die in combat, don't let him actively farm in the early game. Attack him with confidence, actively use your ultimate abilities and additional artifacts that you collect during the game. Ember Spirit has to be countered confidently, constantly, better with the support of allies. In this case the victory will definitely be yours.

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