Earth Spirit counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Earth Spirit is one of the most unique and difficult heroes to master in Dota 2. His abilities require good coordination and quick reactions to use effectively in a combo.

Earth Spirit is often used as a roaming support due to his ability to quickly move around the map and initiate fights. His combo attacks can provide the team with high damage and control over enemies. However, due to the high complexity of his abilities, it takes a lot of practice to use this hero effectively.

Early game against Earth Spirit

To play against Earth Spirit in the early game, follow these guidelines:

  • Place wards to see his movements on the map and prevent roaming.
  • Do not stand near his stone remains, as they can enhance his abilities.
  • Stay a safe distance away from the river or places where he can easily initiate Rolling Boulder.
  • Be prepared for quick rotations, as Earth Spirit can quickly move between lanes and assist his allies.
  • Choose heroes with fast movement or dodge ability to avoid his Rolling Boulder and Boulder Smash.
  • Tell your team about his location and try to control his actions by slowing or killing him when he tries to pressure the map.

Hot to play against Earth Spirit on different positions

Playing against Earth Spirit requires different strategies depending on your position:

Carry (1st position):

  • Be careful in your lane in the early stages as Earth Spirit can easily initiate the fight and give your ally a chance to kill you.
  • Consider purchasing items to increase survivability or mobility, such as a Magic Wand or Power Treads.
  • In the late game, focus on positioning to avoid control abilities.

Mid laner (2nd position):

  • Set up wards or use Sentry Wards to be aware of gank attempts.
  • Don't stand close to the river, as this is the perfect place for him to attack with Rolling Boulder.
  • If you play heroes with high mobility, use this to your advantage to avoid his initiations.

Offlaner (3rd position):

  • Buy items that boost your survivability as Earth Spirit will try to initiate on you with allies.
  • If possible, choose heroes that can quickly dodge the enemy or control Earth Spirit.
  • Work with your supports to set up wards and control the opponent's jungle to prevent them from rotating.

Support (4th and 5th position):

  • Your main task is to provide information to the team about the movements of Earth Spirit.
  • Use Smoke of Deceit for safe rotations or ganks, especially if you know Earth Spirit is elsewhere.
  • Choose heroes that can prevent, stun, or control Earth Spirit in combat.

What items to collect against Earth Spirit?

When choosing items against an Earth Spirit, consider its control capabilities and initiation potential. Here are a few items that may be helpful:

  • Black King Bar (BKB): One of the more obvious picks against Earth Spirit. This item allows you to ignore most of his control abilities for a period of time.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity: In addition to the extra movement speed, this item can be used to lift both you and Earth Spirit into the air, which can help avoid combos or control abilities.
  • Linken's Sphere: This item can block a single target ability such as his Grip, although not many heroes against Earth Spirit choose it due to its limited effectiveness against Earth Spirit's other abilities.
  • Force Staff / Hurricane Pike: Helps put distance between you and Earth Spirit or helps allies get out of a sticky situation.
  • Lotus Orb: Can return one of Earth Spirit's abilities back at him as well as remove some debuffs.
  • Guardian Greaves: Grants additional healing and armor buffs to nearby allies, and removes negative effects on the wearer when their health drops below a certain value.
  • Aeon Disk: Activates automatically when health drops below a certain level, making the wearer invulnerable to damage and debuffs for a short time.

Choosing a specific item depends on your role and current game situation, but all of these items can offer some advantages against Earth Spirit.

Who should you pick when playing against Earth Spirit?

When playing against Earth Spirit, you need to choose heroes that can effectively counter his abilities or minimize the damage from his interference. Here are some recommendations:


Oracle is one of the best choices against Earth Spirit due to his Fortune's End ability, which can clear allies of negative effects including silence and slow from Earth Spirit. In addition, his ultimate, False Promise, can save an ally from death during long Earth Spirit combos.

Legion Commander

Her Press the Attack can reset Earth Spirit's control effects and grant extra health, which can be useful when trying to save an ally or yourself.


The Aphotic Shield ability can reset Earth Spirit's counter effects, and its Borrowed Time ultimate automatically activates when reaching low health, making him resistant to ganks.


His Decrepify can make an ally or enemy invulnerable to physical attacks, which can prevent Earth Spirit from completing the kill. Also, Life Drain can be used to quickly restore health after an Earth Spirit attack.


The Rage ability makes him immune to magical effects for a short period of time, allowing him to avoid most Earth Spirit combos.

The main reason for choosing these heroes is their ability to survive Earth Spirit's initiation, reset or reduce the effect of his control spells, and prevent or minimize the damage from his combos.

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