Drow Ranger counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Drow Ranger is a strong ranged heroine who causes a lot of trouble for her enemies. The character deals significant damage to single targets. In one-on-one fights, her chances of winning are almost one hundred percent. The heroine has very high armor and health at the start of the game. Her weaknesses are slow movement and long regeneration. Drow Ranger is confident on both the mid lane and the safe lane.

The abilities of the character can only be envied. Drow is able to slow down the target and inflict great damage to the opponent’s health using magic. She attacks in a special way without taunting creeps, pushes the enemy in certain directions and silences them. Drow Ranger has arrows that she can shoot in three waves at the same time. They not only cause significant damage to the health of the opponent, but also slow him down. In other words, it is very difficult to survive in a battle against her, but if you really want to, you can do it.

Drow Ranger Dota 2

Drow Ranger in Dota 2

Who successfully counters Drow Ranger

The following characters can successfully resist the heroine and triumph over her in a one-on-one battle:

  • Shadow Demon. The most annoying enemy for our heroine. He makes the opponent run away, using illusions. And the stronger the illusion, the more damage is done to the health of the opponent. If Shadow Demon reaches the sixth level, destroying Drow Ranger in solo will be quite simple for him.
  • Queen of Pain. The heroine is very successful in chasing the enemy in the mid lane. She has the Scream of Pain skill, and when the Queen successfully uses it, Drow Ranger’s health is dealt tremendous damage. To finally defeat the opponent, the heroine just needs to use an ult and poison.
  • Nyx Assassin. This counter-pick of the Drow has teammates that the enemy is very afraid of. In addition, Nyx is a born hunter, his procast is able to mercilessly kill the heroine. And most importantly, Nyx Assassin can defeat Drow Ranger in any lane.

What items will help defeat Drow Ranger

The following items will help you get 100% victory over this opponent:

  • Dust of Appearence;
  • Smoke of Deceit is an item that can be bought in the home shop. Makes its owner and allies that are in the closest proximity invisible, allows them to remain unnoticed, protects from creeps and wards.
  • Ghost Scepter is a unique item that does not allow you to attack its owner. Helps to quickly recover from a large amount of physical damage dealt.
  • Heaven’s Halberd is an artifact that takes away Drow Ranger’s ability to attack for 5 seconds.

If you put a strong counter pick in the lane against Drow Ranger and put at least one of the above items in his hands, it will be easy to win the battle.

Want to destroy Drow Ranger? Do this: do not let the enemy farm, otherwise you will be defeated; gank Drow Ranger at any given opportunity. The heroine has many abilities and talents. She is quite cunning, so always be on the alert in battle, and in this case success is guaranteed.

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