Dragon Knight counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Dragon Knight (DK) is often picked for his versatility. He can be a tank for his team, dealing melee damage, or a ranged damage source in dragon form. In addition, he is an excellent choice for taking down towers thanks to the boosts that his Elder Dragon Form gives him.

Early game against Dragon Knight

Use heroes with strong harass to reduce his health, as Dragon Blood gives him extra health regeneration. Heroes with damage reduction can be useful against him, as Dragon Knight's Breathe Fire also reduces damage. Heroes with good control can prevent it from being initiated and allow your team to deal damage.

Keep pressure on the lane, so he can't farm freely. If he uses Breathe Fire to farm and constant attacks, try to avoid damage and control the lane. Don't let him farm in peace, put pressure on him to spend resources on restoring health. Try to keep the wave of creeps closer to the tower so DK takes a risk coming to your lane. If you're playing support, get in the gank lane regularly. And always pay attention to the map: if DK goes out of lane, he can plan to gank on other lanes.

How to play against Dragon Knight on different positions

Playing against Dragon Knight (DK) requires different strategies depending on your position:

Carry (1st position):

  • Avoid direct encounters with DK in the early stages, especially when he uses Breathe Fire, as this lowers your damage.
  • Buy items that can penetrate high armor, such as Desolator or Assault Cuirass.
  • In the late game, use your damage advantage to quickly take out the DK before he can turn into a dragon and become a threat.

Mid laner (2nd position):

  • Stock up on Magic Defense to reduce Breathe Fire's damage.
  • Keep an eye out for runes because DK can use them to heal or initiate.
  • Use heroes that can pressure and control DK on the lane.

Offlaner (3rd position):

  • If you're playing against DK on the lane, pick heroes that can control him or counter his regeneration and armor.
  • Blade Mail type items can be useful against DK, especially if he chooses to attack you.
  • Constantly check his items to know when he will acquire key items like Blink Dagger or Black King Bar.

Support (4th and 5th position):

  • Keep an eye on the map because DK can use his stun ability to initiate combat or engage in ganks.
  • Use heroes with controls or abilities that can interrupt an attack attempt.
  • Carefully monitor DK's movements and prevent him from surprise attacks or supporting allies.

What items to collect against Dragon Knight?

  • Monkey King Bar (MKB): This item can be useful against Dragon Knight because it grants True Strike, allowing players to damage Dragon Knight even if he has Evasion.
  • Silver Edge: This item can lower the Dragon Knight's base damage and disable his passive abilities, which can be useful for reducing his survivability in battle.
  • Black King Bar (BKB): Dragon Knight has abilities that can stun or slow enemies, so BKB can be useful to block these effects.
  • Armor Reduction Items: Items such as the Desolator or Assault Cuirass can be useful in reducing the Dragon Knight's armor, thereby increasing the damage he takes.
  • Magic Damage: Since Dragon Knight has a high level of armor, items or heroes capable of dealing magic damage, such as Dagon or Ethereal Blade, can be effective against him.
  • Mjollnir deals extra damage and stuns enemies, which can help you control Dragon Knight
  • Assault Cuirass lowers the armor of all enemies in the area. Very effective for your team in Dragon Knight fights.

Who should you choose when playing against Dragon Knight?

Dragon Knight (DK) is a hero with high resistance to physical damage, strong stun, and the ability to switch between melee and ranged combat in dragon form. To deal with him, consider the following heroes:

Dark Seer

Dark Seer is able to create illusions of enemies with his Wall of Replica ability, which can be effective against heroes with high attack stats such as Dragon Knight. Also, the Ion Shell ability can deal damage over time, which can be useful against heroes with high health. Additionally, Vacuum can disrupt Dragon Knight's positioning, which is also an important aspect in battles.

Witch Doctor


Using his abilities wisely, Witch Doctor can make Dragon Knight's game much more difficult.

The passive Voodoo Restoration allows him to restore health and mana, making him more resistant to Dragon Knight's attacks. Paralyzing Cask can immobilize DK, making him more vulnerable to attacks.

Maledict can increase the damage taken by Dragon Knight, making him more vulnerable to allied attacks. Death Ward can also deal great damage to Dragon Knight and his allies.



Necrophos can counter Dragon Knight thanks to his Heartstopper Aura ability, which deals a damage proportional to his maximum health, making it effective against heroes with large health pools such as Dragon Knight. In addition, Necrophos has an ultimate called Reaper's Scythe, which deals damage based on the amount of health lost and can be fatal to Dragon Knight if his health is significantly reduced. The Ghost Shroud ability makes Necrophos invulnerable to physical damage for a short time, which can be useful against Dragon Knight's attacks.


Nethertoxin deals damage over time and increases damage taken, which can be effective against tanky heroes with high health, such as Dragon Knight. In addition, Viper Strike's ability slows down and deals damage over time, which can be useful for controlling Dragon Knight's movement and reducing its effectiveness in battle. Corrosive Skin reduces the attack speed and movement of enemies, which can further slow down Dragon Knight.

Phantom Lancer

The ability to create illusions can quickly reduce Dragon Knight's health, especially if DK does not have skills or items to deal area damage. The Juxtapose ability allows Phantom Lancer to create more illusions and increase damage to Dragon Knight. Additionally, DK usually relies on armor to survive, and Phantom Lancer can purchase items like Diffusal Blade to reduce Dragon Knight's defense and mana.


Essence Shift, which reduces enemy attributes and increases Slark's attributes when attacking, can make Dragon Knight less durable in battle. Additionally, the Shadow Dance ability allows Slark to regenerate health and mana and be invisible to enemies, which can help him avoid DK's attacks and abilities. Slark can also easily dodge Dragon Knight's attacks thanks to his mobility and Pounce ability.

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