Dota 2 ranks and ranking system explained

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Most online games have a player skill rating system. The criteria can be the level of the main character, the number of matches played, the total cost of in-game assets, and other parameters. The choice depends on the theme of the game and the specifics of the gameplay. Such measures support the competitive spirit, stir up interest, and also allow you to connect equal partners in one match.

What are the ranks in Dota 2?

Dota is no exception: it also has such a ranking system. However, this game is different, because all achievements, in-game currency and character level change from match to match. Therefore, to assess the player’s skills, a table is currently used, which directly depends on the number of victories and defeats. The system is designed primarily to connect equal opponents, make themplay against each other. The selection algorithm will limit the player, whom it considers to be stronger and more experienced, in confronting an obviously weaker opponent.

The achieved rank and title are saved until the new season, after which it is reset.

The modern system was preceded by another: MMR (Match Making Rating). Back then, the player’s rating was presented in a numerical format. Some of the gamers, who played in the MMR era, find this indicator more specific, obvious and convenient. Since the new gradation is based on the rating that preceded it, it is possible to compile an approximate table with MMR numerical ranges and ranks:

  • Herald: from ∽0 to ∽616 MMR.
  • Guardian: from ∽770 to ∽1386 MMR.
  • Crusader: from ∽1540 to ∽2156 MMR.
  • Archon: from ∽2310 to ∽2926 MMR.
  • Legend: from ∽3080 to ∽3696 MMR.
  • Ancient: from ∽3850 to ∽4486 MMR.
  • Divine: from ∽4620 to ∽5420 MMR.

Features of the rank system

There are such features of the ranking system:

  • Each rank has 5 degrees of gradation (indicated by stars).
  • The transition to the next rank occurs when the player reaches the required number of points in MMR equivalent.
  • In case of defeat, each player loses a certain amount of MMR points (about 25), up to the minimum value of the current rank.
  • It is impossible to lose the achieved medal within one season. At the end of the season, the player receives the maximum rank achieved in it.

It is important to remember that titles «Divine» can only be achieved after winning a fair game in single matches. Game played in a group of teammates do not count.

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