Fantasy league in Dota 2: how to assemble a team in the game client

Tips for beginners

Fantasy league in Dota 2, which originally appeared as part of an interactive compendium before The International 2013, is attracting more and more interest fans every year. It’s another great way to get to know the professional eSportsmen and compete with other fans of the game by earning Fantasy points.

To get started, you need to assemble a team of professional players who will earn points for successful actions during official matches (killing enemies, destroying enemy buildings, getting gold and experience). Dota 2 Fantasy usually takes place during major tournaments and The International. However, this year players got the opportunity to compete against each other every week.

They buy packs of cards featuring real eSports players, and then build their optimal lineup: three core positions (carry, mid, and offlane) and two supports. To get started, open Dota 2, go to the Fantasy tab and select the players who will represent your team this week.

Fantasy has player cards from all six regions. Depending on the value, they are divided into bronze, silver and gold. The higher the value of the card, the more bonuses it brings. For example, the «gold» version of Ivan Boryslavov MinD_ContRoL Ivanov will bring 10% more points for the eSportsman’s participation in team fights.

The general rules of fantasy in Dota 2 are as follows:

  • After buying a ticket, you can create one Fantasy League.
  • With a ticket, you can join an unlimited number of fantasy leagues.
  • Each league can have no more than 10 participants.
  • After creating a fantasy league, you can invite your friends and draft professional players in real time. The same eSportsperson cannot be in several teams at the same time.
  • The winner of the round is the team with the most points at midnight on Sunday.
  • Settings and scoring rules are set by the league creator.

Each team must have no more than eight players on its roster. Replacements can be made daily. In the active roster, there must be 2 core-heroes and supports. The fifth eSportsman can perform any role.

Points for actions in professional Dota 2 matches are distributed as follows:

  • 0.3 – kill;
  • -0.3 – death;
  • 0.15 – assist;
  • 0.003 – last hit;
  • 0.002 – per unit of gold per minute;
  • 0.002 – per unit of experience per minute;
  • 0.07 – when stunning opponents;
  • 0.0004 – per unit of treatment of allies;
  • 1 – for destroying the enemy tower;
  • 1 – for killing the Roshan.

How to earn the highest amount of points in Fantasy League

In order to succeed in Fantasy, it is necessary to follow a well-developed strategy. If you haven’t found your winning formula yet, we suggest you use some of our tips.

Choose eSportsmen who play more maps

According to the recently updated rules, points are not awarded for all maps played by an eSportsmen in a match, but only for the best game. Therefore, it is better to choose players who participate in more games to increase your chance of scoring the maximum number of points.

Choose eSportsmen who play for stronger teams and have a better chance of winning the match

Core heroes get 30-50% more points for winning a game, while supports get 10-20% more points.

When choosing players, give priority to those who perform the carry role

Esportsmen in this position usually score the most points even in case of a loss.

Choose supports, who play in the fifth position

Supports of the fifth position place the largest number of wards during the course of the game, which helps them to earn additional points.

Choose eSportsmen who typically take part in longer games

The longer the game goes on, the more points your Fantasy team members can accumulate.

How to use CyberScore to score maximum points in Fantasy Leagues

CyberScore has collected a lot of statistics that will help you choose the best possible team in the Fantasy League. In particular, you can open any upcoming match and view the following information:

  • team’s latest form (results of the last matches);
  • average duration of one game involving a team (player);
  • how effectively the player you are interested in performs (win rate, KDA, GPM, XPM).

Don’t forget that you can see detailed information about any professional Dota 2 player and team directly on our website. Corresponding sections have recently appeared on CyberScore.

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