Dota 2 unexpectedly crashes: what to do

Technical questions

Dota 2 crashes, i.e. stops working.

What to do in this situation? There are several solutions to this problem.

  1. Add Dota 2 and Steam to the exclusions of all antiviruses, firewalls and firewalls.
  2. Open Steam, games library, right click on Dota2, select properties tab, local files and verify integrity of cache. This will help Dota 2 update its files if they are deleted.
  3. If the second option did not work, then delete the part of the Dota files responsible for the operation of Dota 2 itself. To do this, you need to go to the Dota 2 root folder (folder Steam, SteamApps</strong >, Common, Dota 2) and delete the bin folder in this folder. After that, check the cache. This folder weighs about 30 megabytes and the check will be quick.
  4. If you have any mods, remove them. They may not be compatible with DotA.
  5. If all this did not help, download the special program Steam Cleaner. It will clean your registry and blob files. In these files, an error may occur that prevents Dota 2 from starting or occurs already during launch, which leads to Dota 2 crash.
  6. Remove Dota 2 completely and redownload it.
  7. Delete the entire Steam folder and Steam itself. It is advisable to combine with the previous paragraph.
  8. If you don’t want to delete the entire Dota or Steam folder, then try the following things:
    • Delete the bin folder;
    • In the platform section, delete all cfg files;
    • Remove files in the root with an extension similar to dmp (different in format) and from 30-32 mb scales;
    • In the dota folder, go to addons and delete everything from there;
    • Launch dota. There should be an error. Further RMB-properties & local files — check cache.
  9. Turn off Steam Cloud, delete all Dota 2 configs from cfg folder, enable Steam Cloud and recheck cache.
  10. Update your video card drivers. The lion’s share of problems are related to game updates that require the appropriate driver versions.
  11. If all this does not help, just wait for the next update. Often Valve install a non-working update and then fix it within a day.
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