Dota 2 betting for beginners: how to conduct analysis, which bets can be made

Tips for beginners

Dota 2 is about emotions, unpredictable turns of events, team battles of different levels. Watching real matches fascinates and arouses great passions.

Did you know that you can bet not only on the result of the game, but also on individual events? This is how you can win huge sums. For example, there were cases when after a bet of $10k people won more than $1 million.

How to make a prediction

Those who have been watching the game for many years already know their favorites in eSports, have witnessed their remarkable victories. But it is often difficult for beginners to find their way and understand what to evaluate, what points to pay attention to, what types of strategies exist. What shall I do? Study match analytics. How?

The website presents thorough statistics of Dota 2 matches, players and heroes. You need to familiarize yourself with this information and pay attention to the following points:

  • general information about the team. How often does the lineup of players change, where are they in the world ranking.
  • match statistics, current team form.
  • tier of the competition. The higher the tier, the more attention the players pay to the tournament and the larger are the prize pool and teams' efforts.
  • broadcasts of the past games.

Follow the news about the teams, watch broadcasts: any change in the squad can negatively affect the general style of play.

Types of bets

There are many markets on which bets are accepted in Dota 2. There are standard ones, for example, like in football, on the result (winner of the match) or the number of maps (kills), and there are unusual ones: on who will make the first kill, the duration of the map and other markets. Let's consider the main betting options.

Bets on the winner

This is the simplest type of bet. Choose the team you are sure will win and place a bet. Consider:

  • the last form of the team (series of wins or losses);
  • the number of games per day (by the end of the day players will be tired);
  • teamwork chemistry (good communication can be established in 3-5 months).
  • don't forget the encounter level. The higher the prizes, the greater the team's motivation.

Handicap betting

Handicap shows the equally likely advantage of the favorite or disadvantage of the underdog in the match. It can be negative (the winner wins by a certain margin) or positive (the underdog does not lose by a greater margin than...). Dota 2 fans can place bets on maps (whether one of the teams will win the best-of-3 match with a 2-0 score or not, for example) or kills (with what advantage in terms of number of frags one or another team will win).

Betting on totals

Total indicates the number of certain events during a match. You can bet both on the total number of maps, frags, killed Roshans, destroyed towers during the game, and on individual stats of a particular team. For example, you can make a bet that on the second map of a Dota Pro Circuit match, PSG.LGD will make more than 20 frags, or on the second map of a DPC match, there will be more than 50 kills.

Special bets

The higher the prestige of the tournament, the more markets the bookmakers offer. In addition to the traditional ones that we covered above, players have the opportunity to try their luck in bets on the exact score, who will get the first kill (first 10 kills) or destroy the tower first, etc.

How CyberScore can help you improve betting results

Betting is primarily a risk, so before placing a bet, you must carefully analyze all the factors that affect the outcome of the match you are interested in and make sure that you do not act on emotions. Often, the loss of large sums is directly related to the loss of self-control.

If the latter depends on you, our users, then you can deal with the first point thanks to our site. The unique CyberScore feature, which can be found on the match page, allows you to predict frag totals, Roshan kills, map duration depending on the patch and the teams playing.

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