Expand your abilities with the Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022

Tips for beginners

New personas, arcanas, chests, special opponent screens, treasures, graffiti, taunts, consumables, events, stickers, wards, towers and much more can be found in the Dota 2 New Battle Pass. This time the BP is divided into two parts, in which different parts of the content are available.

Battle Pass 2022 gives you access to a range of services, content, and competitions to help you rank up faster. A nice bonus of Battle Pass is the access to special items and features.

To increase player interest, the Battle Pass can be purchased with local currency:

  • Standard Battle Pass – $9.99;
  • Battle Pass Level 50 Bundle – $29.35;
  • Battle Pass Level 100 Bundle – $44.99.

Battle Pass 2022 was released on September 1. The first part was dedicated to The International 2022, while the second one became available from November 2, 2022, after the end of TI11. It is valid until January 12, 2023, so there is enough time to claim all the goodies.

Doubting whether it is worth spending money on the Battle Pass? We offer several arguments in its favor:

  • double your match ranking – quickly gaining ranks;
  • complete disregard for the ruiners – they will not be able to annoy you;
  • getting a variety of sets;
  • vote for your favorite hero;
  • new mode – Diretide;
  • exchange candy for exclusive rewards and items — including Battle Pass points;
  • 20 treasures.

At the same time, in the «Candyworks» you can purchase 27 wards, 435 sets, 47 sets of commentators, 67 couriers, 27 chests and 13 arcanas. But the most valuable prizes are available as rewards (they are not on open sale):

  • Atrophic Skitterwing – available in Collector’s Cache from International 2016;
  • Amaterasu – as a reward when pre-ordering OKAMI HD;
  • Violent Precipitate Set for Bristleback – As a reward when completing the TI8 Battle Pass Catacombs.

You can afford them only if you sell an account with skins.

And new items in the style of Counter Strike: GO – stickers – will be available in 2022 to everyone without exception. Now you can directly support your favorite commentator or analyst by buying their famous phrases. Capsules are available as a bonus in Dota 2. Their complete collection will earn you Battle Pass points.

From visual cues to new 2022 Arcanas for Razor and Faceless Void, there’s something for everyone in the Battle Pass.

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