Doom counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Doom (or Lucifer as he is sometimes called) is a Dota 2 hero who specializes in controlling enemies and dealing damage. His ultimate, Doom, disables enemies from using abilities and items, while Infernal Blade deals damage and slows opponents. This is a strong character in the early, mid and late game. He can use his skills to control enemies and help the team in fights.

Early game against Doom

You have to avoid his Devour ability which allows him to farm quickly. Try to control the lane and prevent him from killing creeps. It's especially important to control his movements and prevent successful ganks after he reaches level 6 and gets Doom. Try to keep him under pressure and not let him farm freely in the forest.

It is important to have good warding to see his movements and prevent gangs. If you're playing as a hero with low health, be extra careful because Doom can deal a lot of damage with his abilities like Scorched Earth and Infernal Blade.

Playing against Doom in different positions:

Carry (1st position):

  • Invest in items that increase your survivability, such as Black King Bar, to avoid loss and control from his ultimate.
  • If Doom uses his ultimate on you, stand back and wait for it to expire before returning to the fight.

Mid laner (2nd position):

  • Control the runes so Doom can't use them for regeneration or aggressive actions.
  • Keep a good map view so you know when Doom is trying to rotate and attack other lanes.

Offlaner (3rd position):

  • Invest in items that increase your survivability, such as Pipe of Insight, to protect your team from Doom's magical damage.
  • Try to keep Doom busy on your lane so he can't move freely and pressure other lanes.

Support (4th and 5th positions):

  • Keep warding on the map so your team knows where Doom is.
  • Invest in ally save items like a Force Staff or Glimmer Cape to help allies with Doom's ultimate.
  • If possible, try to interrupt his abilities with a stun or silence.

What items to collect against Doom?

Against Doom, it's useful to collect items that can help you or your allies resist his ultimate or other abilities:

  • Mekansm and Guardian Greaves: These items can provide additional health regeneration and damage protection, which can be useful against Doom's abilities.
  • Linken's Sphere can block Doom's ultimate, preventing its effects.
  • Lotus Orb can damage Doom by deflecting his ultimate.
  • Glimmer Cape can grant invisibility and magic resistance, which can be useful against Doom's magic damage.
  • Orchid Malevolence can be used to silence Doom, limiting the usage of his abilities.
  • Black King Bar: This item can be useful for loss protection and control from Doom, especially his ultimate.
  • Aeon Disk can automatically activate when your health drops below a certain amount, making you immune to damage and preventing the effects of Doom's ultimate.

Who should you pick when playing against Doom?

When playing against Doom, it's important to choose heroes that can fight effectively even after being casted with the "Doom" spell, or those that can prevent Doom from being initiated. Here are some heroes that can be effective against him:

Arc Warden

Arc Warden can create illusions, which is already uncomfortable. Also, Doom can only use his ultimate on one target, so he won't be able to stop all Arc Warden illusions. Doom has low health. If you catch him with low HP, he can be killed using the Spark Wraith ability. Doom has a slow movement speed, so the slow from Magnetize will make him more vulnerable to attack.



First, if Anti-Mage uses his Counterspell ability correctly, he can deflect Doom's ultimate back at him. The hero can also quickly farm for items that will help him survive in fights and deal damage.

Secondly, Doom relies on mana to use his abilities, so reducing his mana regeneration will make him more vulnerable.



Enigma can be effective against Doom due to his ability to control positioning on the battlefield with his ultimate, Black Hole, which can interrupt Doom's skill use and control him throughout the fight. In addition, Enigma can create additional pressure on Doom and control space with his Eidolons and other abilities.

Wraith King 

The main reason is his Reincarnation ability, which allows him to instantly revive after death. This makes him resistant to Doom's ultimate, which usually knocks heroes out of the fight by blocking their abilities. In addition, Wraith King has high survivability and can be a reliable frontliner, allowing him to resist attacks and damage from Doom. Wraith King can also farm quickly with his skeletons, allowing him to quickly gain an advantage over Doom.

Witch Doctor

The hero can counter Doom thanks to his Paralyzing Cask skill, which can stun, and the Death Ward skill, which can deal significant damage over a long period of time. Additionally, Voodoo Restoration can help Witch Doctor's allies survive while under the effects of Doom's ultimate.

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