Dawnbreaker counter picks, who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Dawnbreaker is a Dota 2 heroine who specializes in melee combat and team support. She has the Starbreaker ability, which damages and slows enemies, and Celestial Hammer, which damages and heals allies. She is strong in the early and mid game. She can use her abilities to control enemies and aid allies in fights. She may be less effective in the late game, but she can still be used to support allies and deal damage.

Early game against Dawnbreaker

To play against Dawnbreaker in the early stages of the game, it is important to avoid her abilities, such as Starbreaker, which can deal significant damage and stun. Maintain your distance and try to avoid direct confrontations with her unless you have the support of allies. Use ranged heroes with harass abilities to control her in the lane. Awareness of Dawnbreaker's location is also critical, as her ultimate, Solar Guardian, allows her to quickly arrive to the aid of her allies. Constantly monitor its movements and be prepared for its possible appearance in your area.

Playing against Dawnbreaker in different positions:

Carry (1st position)

  • Invest in items that reduce physical damage, such as Crimson Guard, since most of Dawnbreaker's damage is physical.
  • Use heroes that can easily dodge her attacks, such as Faceless Void with his Time Walk ability.
  • Keep pressure on the map at all times so that Dawnbreaker cannot farm freely.

Mid laner (2nd position)

  • Control your runes and keep your mobility high to avoid her ultimate, Solar Guardian.
  • Use heroes with good control, such as Razor, who can reduce her damage with Static Link.
  • Maintain warding to know when and where she can move with Solar Guardian.

Offlaner (3rd position)

  • Purchase items that can control her, such as Scythe of Vyse.
  • Use heroes that can create pressure on the lane and control it, for example, Batrider with his Flaming Lasso ability.
  • Maintain aggressive warding to know her position and prevent attacks.

Support (4th and 5th positions)

  • Warding is essential to keep track of her movements and prevent unexpected attacks.
  • Choose heroes with good control, such as Winter Wyvern, who can control her with Winter's Curse.
  • Be prepared to quickly rotate and help your allies if Dawnbreaker starts attacking them.

What items to collect against Dawnbreaker?

Against Dawnbreaker, it is useful to collect items that can reduce her effectiveness in battle, control her, or evade her abilities. Here are a few items that can be effective against her:

  • Black King Bar: This item blocks magic damage from Dawnbreaker's abilities, making it useful for protecting against her damage and controlling her.
  • Scythe of Vyse largely limits Dawnbreaker's abilities, preventing her from using her abilities and items.
  • Crimson Guard, Assault Cuirass, and Shiva's Guard: These items can reduce the physical damage from Dawnbreaker's basic attacks and her Starbreaker ability. Shiva's Guard can also reduce the attack speed and healing of Luminosity Dawnbreaker.
  • Orchid Malevolence and Bloodthorn: Leaves Dawnbreaker defenseless and vulnerable until she acquires the Black King Bar.
  • Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade: Protects the wearer from Dawnbreaker's physical damage and can be used to disarm Dawnbreaker, making her more vulnerable to magical damage until she acquires Black King Bar or Aghanim's Shard.

Who to choose when playing against Dawnbreaker?

Choosing a hero against Dawnbreaker depends on how you plan to counter her abilities and playstyle. Let's look at the most obvious choices:

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern can counter Dawnbreaker by using her abilities for control and support. Cold Embrace can be used to protect allies from Dawnbreaker's physical damage, and Winter's Curse can force Dawnbreaker to attack his allies, which can be especially effective against a high damage hero like Dawnbreaker. In addition, Arctic Burn can help Winter Wyvern stay at a safe distance, as well as slow down Dawnbreaker, reducing her mobility in battle.

Nyx Assassin

Spiked Carapace's ability can prevent Dawnbreaker from landing. If Spiked Carapace is used in an area where Solar Guardian is pulsing, Dawnbreaker will be instantly stunned and will not be able to use her ultimate. This ability also works well against her other two damage-dealing abilities - Celestial Hammer leaves a trail of fire that can be easily countered with Carapace, and Starbreaker can be stopped in its tracks until she buys Shard. Impale also provides a nice, instant stun, while Mana Burn is an annoying nuisance.


Bristleback can be effective against Dawnbreaker due to his ability to take a lot of damage and deal damage back, especially if Dawnbreaker is behind Bristleback where his passive ability can minimize incoming damage. Additionally, Bristleback's abilities can deal area damage, which can be effective against Dawnbreaker in team fights.

Faceless Void

First, he can use Time Walk to avoid Dawnbreaker's abilities or to evade her gank attempts, as well as return any damage taken. Secondly, Time Dilation can prevent Dawnbreaker from using her abilities after initiation, greatly slowing her down. Third, Time Lock combined with high attack speed can lock Dawnbreaker in place, preventing her from escaping with Celestial Hammer. Finally, Chronosphere can lock Dawnbreaker in place immediately after using Solar Guardian. If Solar Guardian was used early from afar, it may stop Faceless Void from using Chronosphere at that location.

Keeper of the Light

The hero can counter Dawnbreaker thanks to his control and support abilities. For example, he can use Blinding Light to reduce the hit rate of Dawnbreaker's attacks and use his abilities to heal and restore allies' mana, which can reduce the effectiveness of Dawnbreaker's attacks.


His Nethertoxin ability disables Dawnbreaker's Luminosity. Since she is a melee hero, she needs to close the range to attack, and Nethertoxin will be harmful for her since she will not be able to heal. Viper Strike and Poison Attack will slow her down a lot, and combined with Nethertoxin this will be her death (unless she has Celestial Hammer or Solar Guardian on cooldown). In addition, it will be easy to pursue her due to her slowdown.

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