Clinkz counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

One of the dexterous and unusual in appearance Dota 2 characters is the bone archer Clinkz. Rumor has it that he was once a man, a skilled archer who was not afraid to fight a dark demon. Thanks to his own courage and the spell of the king-mage Sutherex, Clinkz became an eternally alive charred archer.

Advantages and disadvantaged of Clinkz

This character is used for a solo game in the mid lane, he can work at all levels, push towers. At the same time, he farms on any lane. A very practical hero that deals a lot of damage, is fast, mobile and tenacious.

Clinkz is distinguished by such skills:

  • Burning Barrage is a push of 3-6 fast arrows will hit the enemy for up to 60% damage. Arrows pass through all heroes and instantly attack them. The ability has proven itself well in one-on-one battles and when attacking towers.
  • Searing Arrows. This ability is used for additional damage, because the arrows are filled with fire. The flight range depends on the attack distance of the caster.
  • Skeleton Walk. With this ability, Clinkz moves invisibly through units until he is close to the enemy with two skeletons to help, and then attacks or catches up with him. In addition, this strength is used to escape.
  • Burning Army. An army of out-of-control skeleton archers comes to Clinkz’s aid. Their goal is clones, illusions. They don’t touch creep-heroes.
  • Death Pact is Clinkz’s killer skill, thanks to which he literally absorbs a creature, a skeleton. This gives him health and a damage bonus.

At first, without artifacts, Clinkz is not as fast, cannot deal with a ranged creep, and is not able to push the lane. In addition, the character can not cope with disables and slowdowns.

Clinkz Dota 2

Clinkz in Dota 2

Who is countered by Clinkz

Without serious damage, Clinkz can counter such characters:

  • Enigma;
  • Lycan;
  • Darkseer;
  • Pangolier;
  • Sand King.

Clinkz can feed off the powers of other characters, such as Ancient Apparition. Some ranged heroes cannot run away or kill our Clinkz due to a lack of certain artifacts.

Game Tactics on Clinkz

It is important for Clinkz to quickly earn gold to buy his main items, despite their small selection. To do this, you need to look for passive characters with high health, which are easy to fight.

After the first successful battles, you should buy Orchid Malevolence, activate Skeleton Walk and Searing Arrows. With the first money you earn, you can buy Power Treads or start collecting artifacts.

Clinkz is a loner. He can freely move around the map and shoot down towers, for which he receives bonuses. In the mid game, he can fight in one-on-one duels, use Orchid Malevolence on casters and mages.

If you are having a good game, in the end you can buy the Butterfly artifact for increased survivability and damage, Satanic for lifesteal and protection, while Eye of Skadi will solve the mana problem.

Who counters Clinkz

Even agility and fire arrows won’t save Clinkz from some opponents. Clinkz’s main counter picks are as follows:

  • Bounty Hunter. Clinkz becomes visible due to the Track skill.
  • Broodmother. Due to the melee of the character and her spiders it is extremely difficult for Clinkz to deal with the heroine.
  • Outworld Destroyer deprives intelligence, prevents last hitting, burns out mana.
  • Naga Siren. Clinkz has a hard time killing her due to the illusions she creates. Naga saves her allies with the Song of the Siren.
  • Templar Assassin. Thanks to his abilities, this counter-pick powerfully hits creeps, while holding the blow and applying a trap for our hero.

There are other categories of antagonists that will harm Clinkz. These are opponents with a high level of protection and armor, illusionists, mana burners. To defeat Clinkz, you need to work good as a team, do not wander alone, and behave aggressively at the beginning of the game in order to keep him away from the creeps.

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