Chaos Knight counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Chaos Knight is a melee hero known for his high damage and mobility. The Chaos Strike ability allows him to multiple hit the enemy, while the Chaos Bolt helps to stun enemies. The hero becomes stronger in the late game when he can buy powerful items. He can be used as a carry or support.

Early game against Chaos Knight

There are several strategies to consider in order to successfully deal with Chaos Knight in the early stages of the game. Choose heroes that deal AoE damage to destroy CK illusions and those who can control CK movement. Since positioning is also key, try to stay away from CK and stay away from allies to minimize damage from his Chaos Bolt ability. Buying items that reduce damage or increase defense can be useful.

Get a good map view to avoid CK surprise attacks, and use stuns, slows, and other forms of control to limit his movement and the movement of his illusions. Try to farm faster and more efficiently to be at the highest level when CK starts attacking, and work with your team to focus on Chaos Knight in fights and take him down quickly.

How to play against Chaos Knight in different positions

Carry (1st position):

  • Invest in items that increase your survivability and allow you to control CK, such as Black King Bar and Manta Style.
  • Constantly keep the tension so that CK can't farm freely, engage in brawls and control the runes on the map.
  • If possible, engage in early attacks on CK to slow his progress.

Mid laner (2nd position):

  • Be careful, especially if CK decides to gang up on you with Reality Rift and Chaos Bolt.
  • Pick heroes that can aggressively pressure him on the lane and control him.
  • Ward over his territory so you know when to attack or slow his farm.

Offlaner (3rd position):

  • Buy items that can hinder CK in combat, such as Heaven's Halberd and Crimson Guard.
  • Maintain aggressive warding and dewarding to limit safe zones for CK farm.
  • Use heroes that can put pressure on his lane and disrupt the farm.

Support (4th and 5th positions):

  • Warding and dewarding is very important to slow down his farm and create attacking opportunities.
  • Choose heroes with good control to counter Chaos Knight's illusions.
  • Be prepared to quickly rotate and help your allies if CK starts to initiate combat.

What items to collect against Chaos Knight?

Against Chaos Knight, it's useful to collect items that can deal with his illusions, reduce the damage of his attacks, or control him in combat.

  • Black King Bar: This item can be useful for loss protection and Chaos Knight control.
  • Manta Style: Can be used to dispel some of CK's abilities and create your own illusions to counter his illusions.
  • Blade Mail: Can be effective against CK's high physical damage by deflecting it back at him and his illusions.
  • Abyssal Blade: Allows you to control CK by immobilizing him for some time.
  • Heaven's Halberd: Can be used to disarm CK, reducing his damage in combat.
  • Crimson Guard and Pipe of Insight: These items can increase protection against physical and magical damage respectively.

Who should you pick when playing against Chaos Knight?

Sand King

The hero has massive damage that allows him to quickly kill illusions of Chaos Knight, especially using his ultimate, Epicenter. In addition, Sand King can apply Caustic Finale to illusions through attacks, resulting in extra damage when they die.

Naga Siren

Her abilities allow her to quickly and effectively destroy CK illusions. Chaos Knight's main damage and threat comes from his illusions created through his ultimate, Phantasm. Naga Siren has abilities that can deal area damage, allowing her to quickly remove CK illusions from the battlefield. Additionally, Naga Siren can use his illusions to balance out the fight and put extra pressure on CK.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer is considered a counter pick to Chaos Knight due to his ability to create multiple illusions, making it difficult for CK to identify the real Phantom Lancer. This also allows PL to effectively counter CK's damage and single target abilities. In addition, Phantom Lancer often builds Diffusal Blade, which can quickly deplete Chaos Knight's already low mana pool, leaving him unable to use his skills.


Phoenix has abilities that deal area damage, allowing him to effectively deal with CK illusions. Especially Sun Ray and Supernova can be very effective against illusions, as they deal damage as a percentage of health, making them effective against high health CK illusions. Additionally, Fire Spirits can slow down the attack of CK and his illusions, reducing their overall damage in battle.


Deals area damage with Split Shot, allowing her to quickly destroy CK illusions. Additionally, her ultimate, Stone Gaze, can turn CK's illusions into stone, destroying them instantly. Medusa also has a high survivability rate thanks to her mana shield, making her a difficult target for CK, who is usually looking for opportunities to kill enemies quickly.


The area damage allows him to quickly destroy CK's illusions. Timbersaw's Reactive Armor also increases his survivability against physical damage dealt by Chaos Knight. Whirling Death can reduce the primary attributes of illusions, making them less durable, and Chakram can damage illusions over a long period of time.

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