Broodmother counter picks: who to choose against this heroine in Dota 2

Counter picks

Broodmother is an active, strong and very agile heroine, an excellent offlaner and pusher. She was created to win with lightning speed, deal crushing blows to her enemies and leave no chance of victory. Killing the heroine, no matter what lane she is on, is very difficult. Broodmother bursts into battle literally from the first minutes of the game and rapidly increases her potential right up to the end.

The developers of Dota 2 endowed the character with colossal ultimate abilities. Broodmother can spin a large web in which she moves with lightning speed, confidently makes various maneuvers and movements, and actively restores health after inflicted damage. The web also helps her overcome the most difficult obstacles. The heroine can create a web from anywhere on the map. It only takes 30 seconds for Broodmother to restore her lost abilities.

Disadvantages of the character

Confronting Broodmother in battle is very difficult, but quite realistic. The main thing is to know the weaknesses. Key ones are as follows:

  • Limited manapool. Because of it, the character cannot spam her skills at the beginning of the game, but the situation immediately changes when she gets initial items.
  • Sensitivity to mass abilities. Broodmother's main strength in the fight against the enemy is spiders, which, in turn, are very afraid of mass abilities. Using them against a spider, you can cause significant damage to her.

And the heroine can't stand being controlled. If Broodmother's opponent knows how to "feel" her movement, then she tries to flee.

Broodmother Dota 2

How to play against Broodmother

Being the strongest pusher, the heroine moves very quickly, so if you want to kill her, learn how to track and control her actions. You can't afford to lose sight of Broodmother. If this happens, then we can assume that the battle is lost. Despite the fact that the developers of Dota 2 deprived Broodmother of the ability to be invisible, this did not make her weaker. The heroine quickly spins a web in which she can pass any obstacles in her path. And as soon as she is out of sight, start urgently looking for her in the nearest forest.

Who counters Broodmother

There are a lot of enemies that can harm the character in question. Broodmother's strongest counter picks are as follows:

  • Axe. This character can literally fly into the web of our heroine and spin in it without stopping. Such actions instantly destroy Broodmother.
  • Centaur Warrunner. The spiders that the heroine attacks with cannot cause huge damage to the Centaur, in this case everything happens the other way around: the enemy retains his health, and the spiders receive irreparable damage from his passive ability.
  • Dark Seer. This character destroys spiders with particular success, and without much effort. All he needs to do is throw up a shield and speed up his ally, who is actively fighting Broodmother.
  • Dragon Knight. DK boasts of his splash damage, plus his armor is almost impenetrable. Broodmother's spiders are not able to harm the hero.
  • Earthshaker. This character in Dota 2 deservedly received the title of the best unit destroyer. In the battle with Broodmother, he will win without any doubt, without much effort.
  • Legion Commander. In any situation that concerns Broodmother, LC feels confident thanks to her first ability and a powerful passive ability.
  • Timbersaw. Even if the spiders of our brave heroine actively pounce on the armor of this character, he will still cut them out.
  • Keeper of the Light. This hero plays very carefully and thoughtfully. If spiders attack him, he will only be happy about it, because they will die instantly from his passive ability. The hero is also able to provide reliable protection to his allies who oppose Broodmother. He knows how to repel spiders.
  • Phantom Lancer. Since Broodmother is deprived of AoE skills, Lancer will be her successful counter pick. It is very difficult for the heroine to recognize him in a crowd of illusions. And Lancer, in turn, easily gets to the heroine and mercilessly kills her.
  • Pugna. This is another no less interesting counter pick of Broodmother. She knows how to send our heroine into astral, in which she is not able to strike. While the opponent is idle, Pugna skillfully destroys her.

If you want to defeat Broodmother with minimal losses for yourself, then we recommend choosing one of the characters listed above as a counter pick. To make the victory lightning-fast and crushing, we additionally recommend using such items and abilities as Meteor Hammer, Ghost Scepter, Crimson Guard.

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