Bristleback counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Bristleback is a powerful hero who shows his superiority from the first minutes of the game, and reveals his potential during the battle. He has a good amount of armor and health. The character also boasts agility and speed. It is very difficult to kill him, because it is almost impossible to catch up. Bristleback deals huge damage to enemies using his unique ultimate abilities – protection from the back, quills, slowdown, causing retaliatory damage.

If at the initial stages of the game you do not put up a worthy opponent against Bristleback, then we can assume that the battle is lost. The character is aimed only at victory, confidently goes to it, no matter what.

Weaknesses of Bristleback

Like other players in Dota 2, this hero has his weaknesses. One of the most significant is the minimum amount of mana. Magical power is very important for this character. To strengthen and develop himself, he needs to use skills, and if he does not have enough mana, then Bristleback becomes almost defenseless and very vulnerable.

And the character can not stand frontal attacks. It is almost impossible to harm him by counterattacking on the sides and from the back. Bristleback successfully uses his passive ultimate abilities to protect himself and always gets out of trouble with minimal losses. Bristleback cannot resist silence and hex, therefore, if your main goal is to win the game, then we recommend choosing a hero with such abilities: Lion, Silencer, Doom, Bloodseeker, Death Prophet, Drow Ranger, Grimstroke, Puck, Riki, Skywrath Mage.

Bristleback Dota 2

Who successfully counters Bristleback

The following characters adequately resist the hero on all lanes:

  • Brewmaster. He knows how to counter the strong and agile Bristleback better than anyone else. If desired, he, without much risk to himself, keep the opponent away from the toughest fight and does not give him the slightest opportunity to do anything.
  • Slark. This hero is considered a fairly non-standard Bristleback counter pick. In a single encounter, he is unable to kill the enemy, but if he gets the support of allies, he will achieve his goal. Slark has many hidden virtues. He easily gets rid of stacks, collects Silver Edge everywhere and always. Such abilities allow him to make the enemy weaker.
  • Naga Siren. This brave heroine, despite her fragility and grace, is able to easily stop Bristleback, and for a long time, because she does not allow him to fully attack.
  • Omniknight. This character makes Bristleback almost helpless. For a long time, he does not allow to cause serious damage to opponents, thanks to this it is much easier for them to survive in a duel.
  • Troll Warlord. This character mainly collects Silver Edge, which Bristleback is very afraid of. He also disables the enemy's passive abilities, prevents him from moving.
  • Lion. This hero knows how to successfully control an opponent, and for a long time. Plus, he effectively attacks, causing huge damage to health. In a direct confrontation with Lion, Bristleback almost always loses.
  • Legion Commander. The character, together with allies, can easily defeat the enemy. This heroine delays him, thereby preventing him from defending and using passive abilities. If during this time Legion Commander's allies actively hit Bristleback in the face, he will not be able to resist and will die.

In a battle with Bristleback, Anti-Mage, Nyx Assassin, Invoker can also win. These characters successfully use their abilities against the opponent and force him to become useless. And if you give them such items as Orchid Malevolence, Scythe of Vyse, Bloodthorn, then the enemy can be killed without much difficulty.

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