Axe counter picks: who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

One of the strongest characters in Dota 2 is the red-breasted initiator Mogul Khan, or Axe in the game. He is the «one man in the field» of the Dota 2 world with a double-sided axe that easily breaks armies, while he remains safe and sound.

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What features does Ax have in the game

The red-skinned mutant Axe causes an attack on himself, in the game he keeps the tension among enemies, takes them out of invisibility. His place in the third line is in a difficult position. Axe’s main abilities:

  • Berserker’s Call. Thanks to the call of Berserkers, the character calls enemies to battle, adding armor to himself for the duration of his action. Creatures affected by the voice cannot use active items, skills. Berserker’s Call does not affect wards, lane creeps, towers, invulnerable or hidden units.
  • Battle Hunger. This ability infuriates the enemies and damages them until they kill someone.
  • Counter Helix. This passive skill reduces damage from enemy attacks.
  • Culling Blade helps to find the enemy’s weaknesses and deal pure damage to them.

Despite these abilities, Axe does have flaws. He’s extremely low on mana. Also, this character is not ready for quick, unexpected attacks from opponents with strong magical abilities. At the very beginning of the game, the character has no artifacts, then he is also easy to defeat.

Who is countered by Ax

It will not be a problem for Axe to deal with such characters:

  • Phantom Assassin;
  • Dazzle;
  • Troll Warlord;
  • Phantom Lancer.

In order to be successful in the game even with such a strong character as Axe, you need to correctly place the heroes: do not bunch them in one place, avoid creeps, connect skills and buy more artifacts.

Who counters Ax

A strong opposition to Axe comes from characters with strong magical abilities who can engage in long-range combat. His counter picks include:

  • Viper and Venomancer. They disable Axe’s passive skills, deal damage over time through ranged attacks.
  • Undying. It is a hero who takes away the enemy’s power, reduces health, so some abilities may not activate.
  • Jakiro. He will stun and slow down our character, he has good magical abilities.
  • Bounty Hunter. The abilities of this character help to avoid a head-on meeting, because he can track the movements of the hero of our article.
  • Naga Siren. Reduces Axe’s armor.

To effectively attack Axe and repel his attacks, you can use heroes that use silence, break the distance between the target and the opponent, and also make the character temporarily invulnerable upon initiation.

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