Arc Warden counter picks, who to choose against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Arc Warden is a strong hero, but only in capable hands. With the right strategy, he can finish the game in 30 minutes maximum. At the same time, he easily defeats not only one player, but also destroys the enemy team. His main advantage is a copy of himself which uses his items and abilities. It’s not easy to face him one on one. Arc easily passes through the lane, can reach the barracks, does not notice the wave of creeps and towers.

To win, you need to take into account several features choose the right hero and block the ultimate ability. If you want to know how to do this, read the article below.

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Which strategy to choose

To determine which Arc counter picks to choose, you need to clearly understand the strategy of his game. Early on, Arc Warden picks the mid lane to earn Hand Of Midas. After that, victories and financial enrichment begin. From the third level, he is practically invincible, he can kill almost any player. Therefore, his opponents must be selected carefully.

But the main thing is that Arc Warden usually operates from a distance. He remains in the forest, and sends its copy to fight with opponents. The illusion kills strong players, while the real character eliminates neutral creeps. This strategy of the game complicates the search and neutralization of Arc Warden.

How to choose a right hero

Ark’s disadvantage lies in his small increase in agility and low amount health. He is strong in one-on-one combat, but often dies in mass battles. And the ability to collect coins from the main player and a copy gives a significant financial advantage. Therefore, in order to use Ark’s counterpick, he is put up against:

  • Meepo is a mobile hero. From the third level he kills the enemy. Having bought Hex, he becomes invincible for Ark.
  • Morphling is able to kill Arc Warden at the beginning and end of the game by last hitting creeps in the mid lane.
  • Chaos Knight has a stock of armor and health, is distinguished by high damage and stun. Easily counters opponents alone.
  • Phantom Lancer has high mobility which will not allow the enemy to escape. Mana burn will kill his foes in a second.
  • Earthshaker can kill a bunch of pushers with one button.
  • Ogre Magi‘s multicast will help you deal with Arc Warden on your own. This is a very tenacious support.
  • Anti-Mage has increased resistance to damage, so it easily reflects attacks.
  • Slark can reset debuffs, which Arc doesn’t like very much.
  • Storm Spirit is a controversial choice. In the beginning, he is much weaker than Arc and unable to stand in the mid lane. As the time flies, he becomes a significant adversary who is able to kill alone.
  • Tusk saves his allies, making them invulnerable to any attacks. Acquires things like Lotus Orb, which is very useful in combat.

But the most interesting thing is that such an invincible character easily gives up in front of mobile heroes. The main thing is to get closer quickly, and then it’s a matter of technique.

Which items will help

To counter Arc Warden, it is better to purchase:

  • Nullifier debuffs the opponents.
  • Heaven’s Halberd disarms the hero for 5 seconds and increases survivability.
  • Force Staff is needed to push Arc Warden with allies out of the magnetic field.
  • Black King Bar blocks damage from Arc Warden.
  • Monkey King Bar allows you to attack even through the Magnetic Field.
  • Scythe of Vyse is a control effect that slows down the hero, removes illusions, and makes Arc Warden harmless.
  • Abyssal Blade stuns the opponent for 2 seconds, does not react to counterspells.

And one more moment. Arc Warden is often chosen by unexperienced players who don’t know how to use his abilities. He farms on the mid lane, so catch him there. Without farm on creeps, the hero is weak. If we interfere with the farm by finishing off creeps, Arc will not be able to deliver any inconvenience.

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