Alchemist counter picks: how to play against this hero in Dota 2

Counter picks

Alchemist is a unique hero in Dota 2, known for his ability to quickly farm gold and create Aghanim's Scepter for his allies. In the early stages of the game, Alchemist often focuses on farming. With Acid Spray he can quickly kill creep waves. After obtaining certain items, such as Radiance or Black King Bar, he can actively participate in battles and deal significant damage. It's important to remember that despite his ability to quickly accumulate gold, the Alchemist can also easily miss his power peak if he doesn't use his gold advantage to put pressure on his opponent.

How to counter Alchemist in the early game

To successfully play against the hero of this article, early game strategies should be used that prevent him from farming and accumulating gold. Here is a list of top tips for playing against Alchemist in the early game:

  • show aggression in the lane to make it difficult for him to farm;
  • block campsites in the forest to slow his progress;
  • counter runes to limit his options;
  • make early gangs to prevent him from farming;
  • use heroes capable of reducing armor, such as Slardar, since Alchemist has low starting armor;
  • constantly monitor stacks of creeps to limit his progress;
  • use items like Spirit Vessel to reduce his health regeneration from Chemical Rage.

How to play against Alchemist on different positions

Carry (1st position)

  • Invest in items that allow you to quickly enter combat and control the Alchemist. These include Abyssal Blade, Manta Style, Heaven's Halberd, and other items that can immobilize or slow Alchemist.
  • Keep pressure on the map so Alchemist can't farm freely. This means getting into brawls, farming neutral creeps and runes, and putting pressure on Alchemist in the lane.
  • If possible, engage in early attacks on him to slow his progress. This can be especially effective if you can kill him or make him return to the fountain.

Mid laner (2nd position)

  • Control runes, especially bounties, to reduce his gold advantage from Greevil's Greed. Alchemist relies heavily on gold, so limiting his access to this resource can affect his play.
  • Pick heroes that can aggressively pressure him in the lane. This will make it difficult for him to farm and gain experience.
  • Ward over his forest so you know when to attack or slow his farm.

Offlaner (3rd position)

  • Buy items that can hinder Alchemist in a battle. These include Heaven's Halberd, Crimson Guard, and other items that can immobilize or slow the Alchemist.
  • Use heroes that can put pressure on the lane. This will make it difficult for him to farm and gain experience.
  • Support aggressive warding and dewarding to limit safe zones for Alchemist's farm.

Support (4th and 5th positions)

  • Warding and de-warding his forest is extremely important to slow down his farm and create attacking opportunities.
  • Choose heroes with good control or power damage to counter his high health regeneration in Chemical Rage.
  • Be prepared to quickly rotate and help your mid laner if Alchemist starts to pressure him.

A key strategy against Alchemist is to slow down his farm and create pressure all over the map to prevent him from freely accumulating gold and items.

Which items are effective against Alchemist

Avoid items that take a long time to get, as Alchemist can farm quickly. Focus on things that help you escape Alchemist's control or reduce his damage. If you're playing as a carry and you can kill Alchemist quickly, focus on items that will help you do that. We bring to your attention a list of things necessary to defeat the hero of this article:

  • Spirit Vessel. This item can be used to reduce Alchemist's health regeneration, which is especially effective against his ultimate, Chemical Rage.
  • Lotus Orb. This item's active effect reflects spells, which can be used to block Alchemist's Unstable Concoction, making him stun himself.
  • Black King Bar (BKB) grants spell of immunity, negating damage and stun from Alchemist's Unstable Concoction.
  • Assault Cuirass increases armor and attack speed while reducing the same parameters on enemies within range. This item is particularly effective at weakening Alchemist's armor.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity can be used to temporarily take Alchemist out of combat, making him unable to move or use abilities.
  • Solar Crest reduces armor and attack speed of the enemy, making him less resilient in combat.
  • Heaven's Halberd applies a non-disarming disarm. Therefore, Alchemist cannot attack during Chemical Rage.
  • Scythe of Vyse stuns Alchemist, making him unable to use Chemical Rage to regenerate health.
  • Aeon Disk removes debuffs from hero control, granting temporary immunity to damage.
  • Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade prevent Alchemist from physically attacking you or an ally.

Which heroes to pick against Alchemist

Against Alchemist, it's useful to pick heroes that can control him, slow his farm, or neutralize his perks. Here are some characters that can be effective against him:


Hoodwink has high spell damage, which can be effective against Alchemist, who often farms in the jungle and can be vulnerable in the early game. Additionally, Hoodwink's abilities, such as Bushwhack and Sharpshooter, can control Alchemist, making him unable to move or use abilities. This can be especially effective against Alchemist, who relies on his Chemical Rage ultimate to restore health and mana.

Ancient Apparition

Ice Blast can significantly reduce the effectiveness of Alchemist's health recovery from his ultimate, Chemical Rage. This makes Alchemist more vulnerable in fights, as he cannot rely on quick health regeneration. Additionally, Ancient Apparition can control and damage Alchemist from a long distance, which can also cause problems for Alchemist in fights.


Slark is able to quickly regenerate health with his Shadow Dance ability, which can be problematic for Alchemist, who may not be able to deal enough damage to kill Slark. In addition, with each attack, Slark steals stats from Alchemist using Essence Shift, reducing his health, mana and damage, and increasing his own. This can make Alchemist less effective in long fights against Slark. Also, Slark's mobility and ability to regenerate can make it difficult for Alchemist to control Slark in fights.


Lifestealer has the ability called Rage, which grants him immunity to magic damage and control of Alchemist. In addition, Lifestealer has high durability and health regeneration thanks to his Feast ability, allowing him to stay in the fight longer, even against Alchemist's high damage. This, combined with Lifestealer's ability to initiate fights and control the battlefield with Infest, can create problems for Alchemist.


Alchemist is weak against Leshrac due to his high magic damage, which can quickly destroy Alchemist, especially in the early game. Leshrac's abilities, such as Diabolic Edict and Pulse Nova, can damage all nearby enemies, making him effective against high health heroes like Alchemist. Additionally, Leshrac can stun Alchemist with Split Earth, which in turn can make it difficult for Alchemist to avoid damage from Leshrac's abilities. Thus, Leshrac's high magic damage and control can pose problems for Alchemist.


Clinkz's ability to deal high physical damage from a distance can be effective against Alchemist, who often needs time to accumulate gold and items. Clinkz's ability, Burning Barrage, allows him to quickly clear creep waves and deal damage to multiple enemies, which can be problematic for Alchemist in team fights. Additionally, Clinkz can use his Skeleton Walk ability to move around the map and find vulnerable targets, such as Alchemist early in the game. The Death Pact ability also grants Clinkz extra health and damage, which can make him more resistant to Alchemist's attacks.

Spirit Breaker


Spirit Breaker has high mobility and is able to initiate fights, which can put pressure on Alchemist in the early stages of the game. Spirit Breaker's abilities, such as Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike, allow him to quickly move around the map and initiate fights, which can be problematic for Alchemist, who may need time to farm.

In addition, Spirit Breaker has the Bulldoze ability, which grants him increased status resistance, which can make him more resistant to potential crowd control from Alchemist.
Also, Greater Bash, which deals damage and stuns the enemy every fourth attack, which can be effective against Alchemist in melee.


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