has returned its tag in all esports disciplines


The organization are able to use their tag again in all esports disciplines. In particular, VP regained its old name in the game client and on the Dota 2 website. All team members also changed the tag from Outsiders to After that, the Escorenews portal published a press release of the Russian esports club

«The new investor owns only the trademark. According to this, our teams can and will act exclusively under the tag in all esports disciplines,» the company said in a statement.

Alexey ‘Magician‘ Slabukhin, former CEO of HellRaisers, expressed his opinion on this matter. In his Telegram, he admitted that he was extremely surprised when he saw the news that VP would perform under their native tag.

«When I saw the announcement of the new CEO of VP, it all looked very strange: a man whom no one knows just wrote on Twitter that he is the new CEO and investor of the club. In one of the comments to the media, I was asked if this could help to get around the sanctions, to which I replied that it was almost impossible. But the announcement today turned everything upside down – VP said that they would perform under their old tag,» Slabukhin wrote.

He said that the clubs’ assets consist of two components: a trademark (hereinafter referred to as the brand) and player contracts. They are very closely related, because without the second component the price of the brand drops a lot.

According to the former CEO of HellRaisers, pulled off a cunning legal scheme by transferring the rights to the trademark to Aram Karamanukyan, who is not located in Russia. After that, the new investor signed an agreement with Esforce, allowing the company and its clients (players) from the Russian Federation to use VP trademark.

Magician believes that there are two approaches to explaining the deal between the organization and Karamanukyan. Either the investor was deceived and paid millions for the logo, or this is a «very cheap way to get around the sanctions», the details of which lie on the surface.

Slabukhin admitted that he was upset by the indifference of Valve. The developers of Dota 2 did not react to the situation, which is discussed by all members of the community.

«And now the most offensive. As I understand it, Valve and the rest simply accepted this information! Either very short-sighted people are sitting there, or everything is done very cleanly according to the documents. To do it purely legal, it was necessary to transfer all assets to a new legal entity, but in the announcement we see only information about the brand. So the other option is: Valve doesn’t care what happens in the world. I can’t believe that they don’t see this obvious scheme, while the whole community has noticed it», said the former CEO of HellRaisers.

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