Valve throws out out of The International 2022, giving Fnatic an invite instead

Tournaments, which has recently been playing under the Outsiders tag, will not receive a direct invitation to The International 2022. Instead of VP, Fnatic will participate in the tournament without qualifiers. This is reported in a statement from the Dota 2 developers.

A post appeared on the game’s official Twitter account regarding discrepancies in the official and unofficial DPC points tally for the 2021/22 season. According to Valve, the correct table has been published on the Dota 2 website. It has in 13th place with 1019 DPC points and Fnatic in 12th place with 1020 points.

Note that all 12 invites were distributed during the PGL Arlington Major 2022, which was won by Team Spirit. After Outsiders, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Entity were eliminated from the Major, the DPC 2021/22 final table has appeared on Liquipedia, with beating the Southeast Asian team by just 0.05 points (1020.05 vs 1020).

However, as you can see, Valve has their own mathematical formula, which automatically rounds up fractional values ​​after each round of the Dota Pro Circuit season. This became a decisive factor in the final distribution of invites to The International 2022.

Later, an official statement from Liquipedia appeared. The company apologized for the controversial situation that arose due to the information published on its website. The organization noted that Valve is responsible for observing the rules of the game, therefore it has the right to make certain decisions independently. At the same time, representatives of Liquipedia stated that the developers of Dota 2 should bring more clarity to the rules for counting DPC points so that such misunderstandings do not arise again.

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