Thunder Awaken disbands its Dota 2 squad


Thunder Awaken has announced the disbandment of the roster that set the record at The International 2022. This was announced on Twitter of the South American team.

«When we started this project a year ago, we were dreaming of returning to The International and seeking glory, and we are glad that together with you we succeeded. We are happy to share this achievement with you and wish you success in the future,» said Thunder Awaken CEO Eduardo Ku Bustios.

After the end of TI11, DarkMago and Sacred joined beastcoast, and Vintage left the position of TA coach. The remaining three members of the team became free agents. According to rumors, Evil Geniuses has agreed with Pakazs, Matthew and PandaMoo that they will move to the team and form a roster with the duo of former beastcoast players: Chris Luck and Wisper.

Recall that TA became the first South American team in the history of The International, which managed to get into the top 6 in the main Dota 2 tournament.

As CyberScore reported, Tundra Esports became the winner of TI11. During the celebration of the triumph, the Aegis of Champions was lost.

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