BetBoom Team beats Darkside to get the third consecutive win in the DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1


BetBoom Team has got the third victory in the DPC 2023 Winter Tour for Eastern Europe. Despite the final success, the Russian team faced serious resistance from Darkside. RAMZES666 and the company took the first map, and on the third one they had a significant advantage in gold, but it still wasn’t enough for the victory., which completely renewed its roster in the off-season, won the second match in a row. VP prevailed over Nemiga Gaming, for which this defeat was already the third in the tournament. Now Nemiga shares the last spot in the table with One Move.

Recall that eight participants in the Eastern European First Division are fighting for $205,000, 690 DPC points and 3 tickets to The Lima Major 2023. The Dota Pro Circuit 2023 Tour 1 in the region runs from January 8 to 29.

As CyberScore reported, Aster became the first team to secure a place at the first Major of the season.

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